Improving Quality Through Organizations

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Illustrated by Ferry of Fenoria

UNAIR NEWS – Organization activities are very familiar for students. There are many choices of organizations in campus such as Semi Autonomous Agency (BSO), Student Association (HIMA), Student Executive Board (BEM), Student Activity Unit (UKM) and many others.

This time, the special coverage on “Head of Our BEM” presents the Head of BEM Faculty of Psychology Universitas Airlangga. He is Yusuf Thol’at. Being asked about the organizations, he said that they are very important in improving the quality of self. Although there are many media to learn from, but organization becomes one of the right choice.

“I think the organizations are very important in helping us to improve. Organizations become one of the media to learn and we will get a lot of lessons whether it is cooperation, leadership, decision making, and other things. In addition we can learn from both the seniors and juniors, “he said.

As the head of BEM, Yusuf is often faced with tiring activities. However, this third-year students provided tips to avoid conflict between activities and lectures. For him, the most important is a collective agreement to determine the time at the beginning of the activity. During his study, Yusuf in the BEM of Faculty of Psychology as a member of the Department of Interest and Talent Development (PEMIKAT) and continued by carrying out the mandate of being the Head of BEM.

Being trusted as the Head of BEM Faculty of Psychology 2018, Yusuf said that his parents are very supportive of his activities. Moreover, they also like being in organizations so it is not difficult for Yusuf to convince them.

Yusuf is currently at his 6th semester, so he has a lot of assignments. However, it is not a significant constraint because Yusuf has made a time-related agreement with his colleagues so it is considered normal.

“Benefits of joining organizations are getting new relationships with great people, the organization also teaches us to communicate, make decisions (quickly and under pressure). And we can also learn to lower the ego or learn to improve ourselves, “he concluded.

Author: Pradita Desyanti

Editor: Nuri Hermawan


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