SNMPTN Open Tomorrow, Suko Widodo: Do not Make Mistake in Choosing Course

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The countdown of the opening of SNMPTN 2018 registration. (Photo: Portal

UNAIR NEWS – Registration for State University National Admission Selection (SNMPTN)  is only hours away. Starting tomorrow, Wednesday, February 21, 2018, all students with a PIN and a code from the central committee can register to determine the universities and study program to be selected.

Regarding to matter, the Head of Information and Public Relations Center (PIH) of Universitas Airlangga, Suko Widodo, said that although registration is open tomorrow, the number of applicants is not many. There were some reasons for that, students’ hesitancy in determining their choice or limited information regarding their choice of course.

“Therefore, to answer the problem, we held activities of Airlangga Education Expo,” he said.

The Airlangga Education Expo, added Suko, is the perfect moment for students, teachers and principals to gain insight and seek information on entry points, scholarships, study programs, and views on campus life at UNAIR.

“It’s the right moment. At the beginning of SNMPTN registration, students need motivation and information to be more mature and ready when later study at UNAIR, ” he explained. “So do not make a wrong choice,” he added.

One of the event coordinators Hedy Diah Syahputri, S.I.Kom., stated that in the Airlangga Education Expo which will be held from February 23 to 25, visitors can make use of various events to be organized such as a talk show UNAIR Rector which after Friday prayer, talk show about SNMPTN, SBMPTN, and Mandiri Line on Saturday and exhibition from booths of 15 faculties at UNAIR.

“Later, students, teachers, and principals can get as much information as possible at the booth and the experts provided. In addition, visitors can consult for the selection of courses and scholarships, “said Hedy.

Author: Nuri Hermawan

Editor: Feri Fenoria R


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