ExploraStreet: Presenting Stories Behind Street Photographs

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Photography exhibition, ExploraStreet, held by Airlangga Photography Society (APS) 2017 held at Surabaya Museum (former Siola Building) 1st floor (Private Document)

UNAIR NEWS – The streets are not only interpreted as lanes for vehicles. They are not only about sidewalks for pedestrians. Behind the streets, there are thousands of stories not known by many people.

From the idea, students in Airlangga Photography Society (APS) 2017 held the first exhibition called ExploraStreet. The exhibition was held from 19 – 23 February 2018, from 9 am to 8 pm.

Being held at the Museum Surabaya (ex. Siola Building) 1st floor, ExploraStreet presented a lot of the stories behind the photos. There were photos of elderly people sleeping soundly on the street corners, singers with disabilities, to the frenzy of the fish market. There were 33 photos produced by 33 APS members 2017.

Fadjar Ar Rauufidiyanto, head of the event committee, explained the reason behind the selection of the ExploraStreet theme. “We interact with the streets almost every time. There are many unique and meaningful moments, but not everyone can catch it, “said Fadjar at the venue , Monday, February 19.

Fadjar also revealed the value of street photography compared to other photography genres. “There’s always a surprise in street photography. Sometimes there is a good moment that cannot be repeated for the second time, “said the student of D3 Automation System Instrumentation.

The humanity side cannot be separated from street photography because the streets and humans are one unity with real interaction. Carefulness to catch the humanity side brings points for a photographer. In addition, street photography can be done anywhere, not only the streets in big cities only.

“Therefore, there are photos taken in other cities, such as Jogja and Mecca. And each location certainly has its own uniqueness, “he continued again.

Fadjar said, ExploraStreet was prepared in a fairly short time, in two months only. Preparations made since the end of December 2017 until mid-February 2018. The preparation started from conceptualizing ideas, hunting pictures together, curation photos done by APS senior, to the technical preparation of the exhibition.

Fadjar admitted, despite the limited time, APS 2017 was a solid team in preparing this exhibition.

“I hope, on days ahead the exhibition there will be more people and they can get the meaning behind the photos,” said Fadjar. (*)

Author: Nena Zakiah (Communication Student of UNAIR Class 2014)

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh

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