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UNAIR NEWS – Education scene is often disrupted by unethical incidents, from harassment, violence, until maltreatments. Furthermore, a lot of cases are actually done by students to teachers.

Regarding the incident, UNAIR NEWS has succeeded in asking opinions from Dr. Tuti Budirahayu, M.Si., as Vice Dean II, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP), Universitas Airlangga. The woman who is familiarly called Tuti said that the cause of such problems is quite complex. However, based on studies she has done, the problems are inseparable from the internal factors of the school.

“Based on the studies I have done, the important things cause student delinquency including the interaction between teachers and students that are not well established, the lack of extra-curricular activities in schools, and inadequate learning facilities,” she explained.

In addition to these factors, she added, the caring pattern of care that is not based on the full affection of the parents and the conditions of society that neglect the manners and character, as they are not well known by children nowadays.

“Actually the students do such things because of the teacher who also committed violence. In addition to violent acts that occur between teachers to students or vice versa, it can also be seen through the pattern and method of teaching applied by teachers that should be evaluated from time to time, “said Tuti.

So, continued Tuti, efforts to reduce the emergence of such problems also need to be done by the school, by improving the learning model, improving the interaction model between students and teachers, as well as the form of learning and academic culture climate.

“They are aimed to prevent students’ boredom and facilitate their potential,” she said. “The last is to strengthen the bonds of brotherhood between school and parents,” concluded the Lecturer of Sociology of Education.

Author: Moh. Alfarizqy

Editor: Nuri Hermawan

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