UNAIR NEWS – A lecturer of Faculty of Law (FH) Universitas Airlangga was selected to be one of eleven legal academics who are members of the Board of Governors International Association of Law School (IALS). She is Nurul Barizah S.H., LLM., PhD, Vice Dean I of Faculty of Law UNAIR. Nurul was selected by 85 percent of IALS members.

To UNAIR NEWS, Nurul said that she was surprised to be elected into the Board of Governors IALS. She is indeed active in the forum dean of law faculty from all over the world. Nurul was listed as the only Indonesian academic selected.

“I do not know what the parameter is. I received an e-mail of nomination at first. Never thought of being appointed because I wear hijab. And, it is a sensitive topic abroad, “said Nurul.

Nurul admitted that in the last three years, she often participated in IALS discussion forum as a speaker, a moderator, or a participant. It is from these forums that she makes a lot of transfer of knowledge, exchanging ideas about managing law schools. With her appointment, the academic reputation of UNAIR, especially FH, is also improved.

IALS membership comes from major universities in various countries around the world. The global community of Law started to recognize the performance of UNAIR academics.

Nurul revealed that for the  three years, she has some duties in accordance with the charter made. One of them is discussing the activities undertaken by the association. Within a year, there are at least five activities such as the forum of international deans associations, annual meetings , leadership forums , research forums , and visiting lectures.

“This is an improvement. Not only me, but UNAIR also gets more attention. There is an international recognition of academic or leadership in FH UNAIR, “Nurul said.

IALS activities are divided into four regions, American, African, Europe, and Asia Pacific regio . Every year there is a discussion of legal education issues in each region. The forum is then taken to a global forum, delegations from each region will attend.

In May, there is an upcoming major event, the American Leadership Forum. The selected board of governors will be introduced in this event. As scheduled, the forum will be held at St. John’s University, School of Law, New York.

There is a habit of the world’s law academics which amazes Nurul. The academics shared experiences and ideas without any cover-ups. Nurul hoped that spirit can be implemented by law school institutions, especially universities in Indonesia.

“We should not think we are good on our own turf only. But, we must be able to build a reputation internationally, “said Nurul.

In addition, the ranks of IALS officials are held by academics across countries and continents. Its president is from Kenneth Wang School of Law of China, General Secretary is from Cornell University, United States of America, and the eleven board members are from Spain; Kenya; Nigeria; America; Italy; Jordan; Russia; and Singapore, including Indonesia through FH UNAIR.

There are currently more than 160 law faculties from 55 countries representing 7,500 scholar jurists worldwide who are members of the association. IALS was formed in 2005 in Columbia District, The United States of America.

“In addition to providing new jobs, through IALS, I am glad that I can meet intelligent people from different parts of the world and learn to manage law school and organize the organization, “said Nurul. (*)

Author: Binti Q. Masruroh

Editor: Feri Fenoria