Some students of Faculty of Public Health (FKM) Universitas Airlangga with residents clean up the environment through "Lir-Ilir" program in Tenggumung, RW VIII, Wonokusumo, Semampir Subdistrict, Sunday, February 4. (Photo by courtesy)
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UNAIR NEWS – For some people, a Javanese song, Lir-ilir,  may have been heard frequently. However, for students of Faculty of Public Health (FKM) Universitas Airlangga, Lir-ilir also has different meaning to them.

Lir-ilir , for them, is an abbreviation of ” Lingkungan Resik, Kali Mengalir”. It is a program of field work practice (PKL) which invited residents Tenggumung, RW VIII, Village Wonokusumo, District Semampir, to actively maintain the cleanliness of the environment. In particular the usual times are full of garbage.

The event was held on Sunday, February 4. The residents came out of their houses to clean the gutters and rivers around them.

All this time this little ditch in front of residents’ houses was closed by concrete because of a narrow alley. The closure was done for parking lots and roads. However, when the concrete is opened, the garbage has piled up.

“In Tenggumung Wetan Gang Garuda II, there is a quite wide stream, but it is also full of garbage,” said one team member.

According to residents, not only local residents who throw garbage at times. The passers by also often throw their garbage there.

“The garbage were plastic waste or baby diapers,” he added.

The cleaning up work was done in collaboration with the Department of Hygiene and Gardening (DKP) Surabaya. At 10:30 the DKP officers came and took the garbage that had been wrapped in a sack.

“It’s been a long time since we did cleaning up work. Therefore, we are very helpful with the presence FKM UNAIR students who were excited to invite people to stop throwing garbage at the stream, “said the Head of RW VIII Wonokusumo, Matru’i.

The activity continued with the installation of warning boards and banners along the stream. So, people are expected to be conscious and embarrassed if they still throw garbage at times.

Not only that, the activity was continued with the painting of pavement at Tenggumung Wetan Gang III assisted by elementary school children. Eagerly and excitedly, they painted the pavement.

There was red, yellow, green, and blue. The goal was to make the environment beautiful and create awareness on maintaining clean and healthy environment.

WITH the elementary school children, FKM UNAIR team painted the pavements to make the environment look neat, beautiful and clean. (Photo by courtesy)

Meanwhile, Head of UNAIR FKM Team Muhammad Sabilal Mujahidin expected public awareness will be improved, especially by keeping the river environment clean. In addition to prevent the growth of mosquitoes, it can also prevent flooding.

“Hopefully this Lir-Ilir activity can be done routinely, once a month, “he added. (*)

Author: Zulfia Husnia

Editor: Ferry of Fenoria


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