Illustrated by Feri Fenoria
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UNAIR NEWS – Friendly and calm, that is Dr. Nurul Hartini, S.Psi., M. Kes., Psychologist. She is in our special coverage, “Our Dean”, this time. On Thursday, January 25, Dean of the Faculty of Psychology Universitas Airlangga explained the achievements and targets that have been achieved during her stewardship as dean.

The Kediri-born dean admitted that in addition to running programs that have been implemented by previous leadership, she implemented new programs in line with the targets and achievements of the university.

At the moment, the Faculty of Psychology UNAIR has several excellent programs, at the academic, research, and devotion level in each applied unit. The main featured program of Faculty of Psychology is a double degree program with Queensland University.

“This double degree program has been initiated by the leadership before us and now we are doing it because the new students were accepted in 2015 during my leadership as dean,” said the dean.

According to Nurul, on the excellent program at academic level, the Faculty of Psychology focuses on targeting all of its programs to get A accreditation from BAN-PT. In 2018 Faculty of Psychology UNAIR will collaborate with Edlab University to develop fast track and double degree programs in S2.

In addition, in the featured program in the field of research, the Faculty of Psychology continually improves the number of research and international journals publications. Although the target of publication has been reached, Nurul stated that she will continuously implement it to improve the academic climate that should be done by all academic community.

“We have 4 programs that will boost our publications of early childhood education (PAUD) studies, autism studies, community mental health studies, and inclusion studies,” she said.

In the field of community service, the Faculty of Psychology UNAIR has a psychology assessment and development laboratory. The laboratory, added Nurul, is useful as a form of independence of the Faculty of Psychology UNAIR in terms of publication.

That is where lecturers can learn and hone their competence in terms of research and publication. Students are also allowed to study and learn in the laboratory.

“Our advantage is that 80% of our lecturers are young lecturers, until now only three lecturers are retired. So we have the spirit of youth that supports us to learn, be imaginative and creative, ” she added.

When she was asked about the key to success in leading the Faculty of Psychology, Nurul explained that he always tried to run the mandate given to her optimally. She also uses the available time for useful things.

Finally, she told the students that when they have been taught in the best institutions, students must be able to apply their knowledge. The students must have four intelligences that include intellectual intelligence, emotional intelligence, strong fighting power, and closeness with God.

“When they have four intelligences, the students will become successful people,” she concluded.

Author: Najib Rahman

Editor: Nuri Hermawan


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