ABC members award the students after teaching in Dusun Kalitengah. (Private Doc)
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UNAIR NEWS – In the beginning of 2018, during semester’s break, students who are members of Airlangga Bojonegoro Community (ABC) returned to their hometown and held various social activities. This activity is held annually as a form of service to their hometown.

The Bojonegoro Regional Student Organization (ormada) conducted a series of activities named “ABC Muleh Omah Project 2018” implemented based on Higher Education Tri Dharma. They held the activities to improve Bojonegoro.

Some of the activities carried out including njungok ormada or hospitality with ormada in Bojonegoro; ABC goes to school ; essay contests and seminars; serving and teaching in Geger Village, Kedungadem Sub-district; SBMPTN Try Out; Airlangga futsal and dance competition; and closed with an awarding night event .

“Muleh Omah Project this year is different from last year. We developed the concept more. If last year we did not spend the night on site during community service, we spent a night on site this year. We used to hold futsal competition only, this year there was a dance competition which is done in GOR Bojonegoro, “said Ma’arif, Head of ABC for 2017-2018 period.

The community service and teaching activities held in Geger Village, Kedungadem Sub-district, were conducted on 17-18 January. Activities included teaching students MI Muhammadiyah 27 Geger, then continued with the dissemination on hygiene, formal and informal education, and entrepreneurship.

The next day, they worked together with the residents to clean up the road and the mosque, then continued with the distribution of food to the people of Kalitengah, Geger Village.

“We were welcomed by the headmaster, MI Muhammadiyah teachers, as well as residents here. We held the activities in this village because the village is still fairly far from urban areas, and far from the central government in Bojonegoro. From here we understand as students we have to be useful to others, especially to remote communities in our hometown, “said Indra Pratama, chief executive of ABC Serves and Teaches.

In addition to community service activities, activities on education were also conducted.  SBMPTN Try out and essay contest and seminar were ABC annual activities for senior high school students. The essay contest and seminar were held on January 13, in Angling Dharma Room, Bojonegoro Regency Government Building.

The theme was Sustainable Development in the Digital Age. The event invited the Owner of PT Jawa Pos Media Televisi Surabaya (JTV), Imawan Mashuri, ran well and the enthusiasm of the seminar participants is quite high.

Meanwhile,  SBMPTN 2018 try out  was held on January 21 in MAN 1 Bojonegoro. It was quite successful and attractted a lot of high school students. There were 562 students from all senior high schools in Bojonegoro.

“Alhamdulillah this year’s try out ran smoothly. There were a lot of participants. Problems were dealt well.  Beside as a form of our devotion through education, it was also a way to strengthen ties among ABC members, especially class of 2017 who just started their studies, “said Komari Aldi, chief executive of SBMPTN 2018 try out.

Looking at the high enthusiasm in sports and arts in high school students in Bojonegoro, ABC held futsal competition and modern dance. This futsal competition is not only for men but also for women. The event was held on January 21-27, was witnessed by many students who came to support the school team or just watched the game.

The futsal competition in the men’s category was won by SMAN 3 Bojonegoro, and the women’s won by SMK 4 Bojonegoro, and the winner of modern dance competition from SMAN 1 Sugihwaras, Bojonegoro.

The final event of ABC Muleh Omah Project 2018 was awarding night held on 29 January. In the awarding night,  alumni and winners of every competition from try out to futsal and modern dance competition were invited.

“Hopefully the series of Muleh Omah Project events can continue to exist because it is fun to be able to return to our hometown, to serve our region, to improve our hometown, Bojonegoro,” said Ma’arif.

Author: Deviyanti Wahyu Izati (Student of Public Health Sciences UNAIR 2015)

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh


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