Obesity Triggers Micropenis in Children

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Childhood obesity can trigger a micropenis. (Photo: By Courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – Overweight or obesity always brings a lot of health problems, also in children. Central obesity in the abdominal area is able to give risk for vital organs.

Andrology Specialist, Faculty of Medicine Universitas Airlangga – Dr. Soetomo Dyan Pramesti, dr., M.Kes, Sp.And said that the growth of secondary sex organs is strongly influenced by the testosterone. If there is interference with these hormones, the penis growth will become obstructed. This hormonal disorder is believed to lead to delayed growth of penis.

“From the number of patients I handle, 80 percent of obese childhood patients have micropenises. The obesity triggers the occurrence of hormonal disorders, which leads to decreased concentration of testosterone, “he said.

Ideally the size of the newborn penis in relaxed conditions is 3.1-4.7 cm, in children aged 1 year 3.9-5.6 cm, and the age of 5 years is 4-5 cm. A penis less than normal size is called a small penis and does not require hormone therapy. Meanwhile, if the size is less than 2.5 cm than the normal size range, then this condition is called micropenis so it needs a hormone therapy.

According to him, cases of micropenis in obese children can actually be handled through HCG hormone therapy. Even so, parents should be wary when their children are obese, and try to help children control weight.

“If it is not immediately known and handled, there will be a risk of micropenis to adulthood,” he said.

Through a series of tests and therapy of external testosterone in the form of HCG, testes will produce testosterone. Therapy will make the penis bigger, improve the quality of seed cell formation to improve reproductive function.

Hormone therapy will be effective if it is done before the child enters puberty. And preferably, done before the child becomes mature or 12 years old at most.

“Therefore, the hormone level should be improved. For the accuracy of the diagnosis, penis size should be ensured with the correct measurement technique, “he added.

The correlation of micropenis and the quality of fertility is certainly different. The quality of fertility is more identical with the quality of testes.

“It doesn’t mean that the micropenis is infertile. However, children with micropenis will not have the testes go down. As a result it brings risk of impaired fertility, “he said.

Before determining the treatment, the andrology specialist will first conduct a series of physical examinations to determine the presence or absence of abnormalities in the child’s penis, and determine whether the therapy is needed.

Stretched Penile Length (SPL) is a standard penile measurement using a rigid ruler or wooden spatula. In addition to measuring the length of the penis, a thorough evaluation is also done for the anatomical conditions of penis, scrotum, and testes.

In addition to seeing the condition of the penis, the testes is also examined. Because in the case of micropenis, it is generally accompanied by a small testes size, the testes does not descend, or the urethra is out of place (hypospadia). This condition signifies the inhibition of growth in the reproductive organs.

If a micropenis is diagnosed, the doctor will administer periodic hormone testosterone injections and doses tailored to the child’s needs. In addition, doctors will also advise patients to lose weight.

If the micropenis caused by obesity, it can still be overcome. However, if it is caused by abnormal sex chromosomes or klinefelter syndrome, it can be inherited genetically.

Klinefelter syndrome is a genetic disorder in men due to excessive X chromosomes. Normal men have XY sex chromosomes, while patients with klinefelter syndrome generally have XXY sex chromosomes. Patients with klinefelter syndrome will potentially experience infertility and it is genetically inherited. (*)

Author: Sefya Hayu Istighfaricha
Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh


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