Prof. Tri: Environment Encourages FKM to Keep Moving Forward

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Illustration by Feri Fenoria R

UNAIR NEWS   – For our special coverage, “Our Dean”, this time we will get to know more about Faculty of Public Health (FKM), Universitas Airlangga. Through Prof. Dr. Tri Martiana dr., MS., as the dean of FKM in the period 2015-2020, the reader will know achievements made by FKM and the target aimed by FKM UNAIR.

Prof. Tri explained that the current activity is an effort to achieve the goals and targets of FKM in the future in accordance with the existing university and faculty strategic plan. Apart from that, Prof. Tri has also made FKM road map 2015 – 2020. But sometimes with FKM readiness and support from outside, target in the road map can be achieved more quickly.

“All of those cannot be separated from the support given by the environment and stakeholders as a response to external development,” she explained.

In this regard, Prof. Tri showed that it can be seen from the target of FKM in 2020 that will aim for international accreditation for two programs. It is also preparing for international accreditation for undergraduate programs which have achieved ASEAN University NEtwork (AUN) international certification.

“This year’s target of Public Health Undergraduate Degree is prepared for international accreditation by APHEA (Agency for Public Health Education Accreditation) and then next year followed by master’s programs,” she said.

For international program, Prof. Tri also said that a double degree of Occupational Health and Safety Master’s Program is prepared with Griffith University. The opportunity to open this double degree program is an effort to improve quality service to community.

“It is time for FKM to prepare international class as all master’s programs in FKM have all been accredited A,” she added.

The faculty that has nine programs face challenges to optimize the existing potential. One of them is to improve the quality through accreditation of Public Health Program in Banyuwangi and procurement of equipment to support services to community and stakeholders.

The government as a stakeholder has trusted FKM UNAIR through cooperation of lecturer as resource person for government, hospital, and city government. The cooperation has come to fruition.

“Non-SPP revenue received by FKM UNAIR exceeds the target of cooperation with stakeholdersThis is a proud achievement. We use the principle of trust in running it, “said Prof. Tri.

Furthermore, when asked about her opinion on students, Prof. Tri explained that students should improve their accuracy of citation and references to avoid plagiarism.

“Students must be themselves and promote safety action. Therefore they have to know the occupational risks and start a safe habit,” said the lecturer interested in the research on occupational health and safety.

Author: Hilmi Putra Pradana

Editor: Nuri Hermawan

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