Two Best Graduates of FKG With 3.96 GPA

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UNAIR NEWS – There were 31 dentists Faculty of Dental Medicine Universitas Airlangga taking their oath in Graha BIK-IPTEKDOK on Wednesday morning, January 17. It marked their readiness to perform and serve the society and humanity.

Beside the oath-taking of 31 dentists, the best graduate was also announced. The award was led by the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine. R. Darmawan Setijanto, drg., M.Kes and witnessed by the families of the dentists.

“Today the FKG best graduates will be announced as well. Both graduates have achieved GPA above 3.5, “said Dr. R. Darmawan in his speech.

With 3.96 GPA, drg. Yunira Rosandita and drg. Alit Rahma Estu was appointed as the best graduates of FKG. They have succeeded in achieving the best dentist graduate criteria, graduating on time and complete every stages, learning sections, with a GPA above 3.9.

“Each given course was finished well in order to get the best marks in each course, “said Yunira about her achievement.

The woman born on June 13, 1994 said that diligence and independence have been demands for professional education, especially to be able to graduate on time.

“When there is a patient, the solution must be done immediately. Do not delay. Because, the quota in the stage was three months and it can make yourself lazy, “advises Yunira and Alit for professional students.

Yunira recommended not to repeat the stages and using illegal patients. It’s better with acquaintance and willingness to find patients on their own.

“In addition, always build good communication with patients to encourage them to follow the whole treatment and willing to share knowledge,” she said.

According to her, efforts are also needed to build a mutually supportive environment and fortify yourselves from the negative association as it triggers laziness. Willpower and intentions are the main requirements to finish faster.

“Find and read more references and browsing are helpful for handling cases. Review what have been through all day, including find out the difficulties experienced, then learn with seniors and lecturers who have more experienced, ” she said.

Meanwhile, Alit added that timing is also very important, both for ourselves, patients, and lecturers. A detailed priority for the time available is indispensable.

“Organize yourself, when to handle this patient, then follow-up treated patients, and study hours to prepare the material to discuss with the lecturer,” said the woman who was born on October 20, 1993.

lulusan terbaik
Alit Rahma Estu, drg receives an award from Dean of FKG on January 17. (Photo: Feri Fenoria)

The alumnus of SMAN 2 Nganjuk was impressed with the acquaintance from the new colleagues and lecturers also the patients she has handled. Sometimes, the patients are not the same with expectations.

“After winning this title, the biggest challenge is ahead. Cases outside the clinic are more extensive and the role of alumni is needed to exchange ideas, ” she said.

In the future, the two best graduates will seek experience by working in clinics and attending seminars and then taking specialist program was her second target.

Author: Shantya Hermanto / Gilang R. Sabdho Wening

Editor: Feri Fenoria


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