5 Programs at UNAIR with Most Interest

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UNAIR NEWS – For the senior high school students who will continue to college, consider everything well and carefully in choosing a program is mandatory. In choosing a program, we should not rely on the ability and willingness only, but opportunities and competition should also be a consideration. By looking at the number of competitions for the program to be selected, students are expected to prepare many things, especially if the chosen programs are chosen by many people.

This time UNAIR NEWS will present the five programs at Universitas Airlangga with the most interest in State University National Admission Selection (SNMPTN) last year, 2017. Based on data obtained from UNAIR Student Admission Center (PPMB) the average enthusiasts of the five programs reached thousands.

In the science and technology group, Medicine became the first program with the highest demand with 1775 people. Meanwhile, in the Social and Humanities group, Management is a program that was able to attract participants up to 2219 enthusiasts. Here is a graphic of the most popular five programs in UNAIR in SNMPTN 2017.

Grafis: Feri Fenoria

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