Winners of PIM UNAIR Expected to Go Next Level

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PIM Announcement
Vice Rector I of Universitas Airlangga Djoko Santoso, dr., Ph.D., Sp.PD., K-GH., FINASIM., with Director of Student Affairs Dr. M. Hadi Shubhan, SH., CN debrief the winners of PIM UNAIR. (Photo: Bambang Bes)

UNAIR NEWS – The result of Student Scientific Week (PIM) of Universitas Airlangga in 2017, was announced on Wednesday, January 17. The announcement was based on the Decree of the Rector of Airlangga University Number 1972 / UN3 / 2017 dated December 5, 2017.

In the announcement event organized by the Directorate of Student Affairs (Dirmawa) UNAIR, all the winning students were invited all, in Main Assembly Room of Management Office Building UNAIR.

To the winners, Vice Rector I UNAIR Prof. Djoko Santoso, dr., Ph.D., Sp.PD., K-GH., FINASIM at that time also gave the lecture or briefing and technical guidance and motivation how to proceed to get to the next activity.

The announcement was for English Debate Competition, Outstanding Student Selection  (Pilmapres), and National Olympiad of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (ON-MIPA) of Universitas Airlangga.

The essence of the briefing by Vice Rector I UNAIR Prof. Djoko Santoso, was that the winners were the chosen people. Since this is still at the internal level of UNAIR and they were expected to progress to a higher level, they should be  ready to be better “UNAIR ambassadors”.

“Victory is a gift from Allah SWT. But the victorious, usually those who have been better prepared, smarter, more mature with the right way and system. So it cannot be separated from from maturity. For example, someone who practice 100 times more certainly more tested than those who practice only 10 times, “Prof. Djoko Santoso said.

After the announcement of this PIM winners, Prof. Djoko hoped that the winners will immediately prepare themselves better than they have been. The University will facilitate and guide them to be the best, so they will contribute to the reputation of the university.

For the students, this achievement will be useful to do further in the future after graduation. Therefore in training, learning, self-processing, they are introduced how to move forward, how to complete the job, how to solve problems, in a programmed and well planned manner.

“Plan well ; what are the chances, what are the constraints, how to fund, etc. Prepare your mental better, try hard, and don’t be arrogant.  InshaAllah we’ll be the champion in the right time, this is for all competitions, ” said Prof. Djoko Santoso.

Director of Student Affairs UNAIR Dr. M. Hadi Shubhan added, if the students make an achievement in a competition, then at the graduation later they can be Outstanding Graduate. This is another achievement beside the Best Graduates from the academic aspect.

“It’s for PIMNAS competition, Mawapres, ON-MIPA, language debate, scientific week, etc.,” said Hadi Shubhan. (*)

Author: Bambang Bes


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