Their Say after Returning and Introducing UNAIR in High School

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Illustration by Feri Fenoria

UNAIR NEWS – The semester break is a moment for the Airlangga Knights to return to the old alma mater. Conducting a community service by introducing Universitas Airlangga and giving direction of younger generation to look at the future. Here are some of their impressions of Airlangga Knights when they return to their school after 3 years forging themselves at UNAIR.

“Sharing is not always with wealth but it could be with knowledge and experience. I feel glad I could share some of my knowledge and experience with my juniors so they can be more passionate and successful. “

  • Cindra Andini, Bojonegoro

“Meeting high school juniors and being able to share our experience is a pleasure, because we can be an indirect motivator for them to keep trying to achieve what they want.”

  • Ristiana Wira Hariyanti, Kebumen

Dissemination is a way to provide information to students of SMA equivalent who do not know anything about UNAIR or Bidikmisi. Especially remote schools that are far from information obtained by students who want to continue their education and are not able financially. That is what we do as a way of dedication to UNAIR and Bidikmisi.”

  • Elma Yuliana, Tuban

“Being part of the national hopes is an honor. From this series of activities and responsibilities I currently hold, it seems unfair not to spare time for them. It’s as if we’re just thinking of ourselves and being indifferent to others. Don’t be tired of serving for a better future. “

  • Shamsul Arif, Jombang

“Going back to my alma mater that educated me for 3 years makes me understand the meaning of what sharing knowledge and how tiring to talk from morning to evening. But for me it’s a beautiful thing and fun because I can share my knowledge and experience. “

  • Isna Sari, Jepara


Author: M. Najib Rahman

Editor: Nuri Hermawan


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