pkpb agus subagyo
Dr. Agus Subagyo, Sp.JP (sitting, fourth from right) with PKPB members. (Photo: Bambang Bes)
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UNAIR NEWS – Realizing its work program to hold member meetings once every three months, Saturday, January 14, Universitas Airlangga Retiree Association (PKPB) held a gathering again. This time the host was Mudjiono / Siti Rukayah in ​Wisma Kedung Asem Indah I. There were 80 members attending.

PKPB management is responsive. If only meetings and regular gatherings, they will feel bored. Therefore, there was a counselling on maintaining heart health in the last gathering. The valuable presentation was delivered by Agus Subagjo, dr., Sp.JP., the husband of one of PKPB members, Mahniza Mattalitti.

“As an administrator we must be very clever to present something different in regular meetings like this. If the members get bored, feel bored and eventually do not want to come, then the meeting becomes less lively. The interlude must be useful, in besides recreation it also improves health knowledge in accordance with the age of members “said the PKPB secretary, Hadi Gunawan to UNAIR NEWS.

Meanwhile, Head of PKPB, Dra. Kusmawati again explained about the organization’s programs. The gatherings are held in rotation to the house of members, because the main purpose is hospitality. The turn may be requested by the members if the members have a celebration. So it is more flexible.

It was also agreed, in each meeting each member pay Rp 50,000. Like the previous decision, the composition of the money allocation, 50% as the meeting fund (submitted to the host) and 50% for the cash organization.

“Cash organizations can be issued for assistance when there are members who are sick or distressed. This is beyond the assistance that is delivered in private, “said Kusmawati, while asserting that the fee is not binding. So if the members cannot pay,  they can convey to the board.

JAMU for Healthy Heart

Agus Subagjo, Sp.JP., Head of Communication, Information and Education of Indonesia Heart Foundation (YJI) Main Branch of East Java and a cardiologist and blood vessel of RSUD Dr. Soetomo Surabaya gave advice to always maintain heart health, especially someone who is elderly. Heart disease and blood vessels are the highest cause of death.

Therefore YJI always provides education about the dangers of this disease and the prevention of heart and blood vessel disease.It can be done with “Jamu” (jaga mulut) which means that the diet should be properly observed.

“In religion it is also advisable to eat when it feels hungry. Then eat before full. That is a good teaching in the effort to maintain heart health, “he told UNAIR NEWS.

With JAMU, cholesterol will be maintained, regular diet, and then away from the risk factors cause. These factors include staying away from cigarettes, alcohol, avoid trigger of cholesterol and diabetes mellitus and doing exercise.

“So there are three steps to ward off coronary heart, maintaining diet, mindset and movements. With a balanced lifestyle of the three, God willing, heart will be healthy, ” said Dr. Agus Subagyo, Sp.JP. (*)

Author: Bambang Bes


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