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FK UNAIR visiting professorship presents professors from Belgium and Japan. (Photo: Sefya Hayu Istighfaricha)
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UNAIR NEWS – Starting in 2018, Urology Department of Faculty of Medicine Universitas Airlangga once again held a visiting professorship event. This time, two professors came from Belgium and Japan.

Prof. Dirk De Ridder from UK Leuven University Belgium and Prof. Shigeo Horie from Juntendo University Japan were two professors of Urology who have the opportunity to speak at Faculty of Medicine UNAIR, Tuesday, January 9.

Both of them speak on how to integrate hospitals and colleges into a sustainable academic medical center in their respective countries.

Dean of FK UNAIR Prof. Dr. Soetojo, dr., Sp.U (K) hoped that the presence of two professors from foreign universities will be able to boost UNAIR’s rank towards world class university by research activities and providing insight and inspiration to academic community to do field research.

“In 2018, we will invite 20 professors to UNAIR. Up to now, in FK, there are nine professors already, “he said.

Previously, FK UNAIR through several departments of scholarship has presented nine professors. Three professors from the Department of Urology, and one professor from the Department of Internal Medicine, the Department of Neurosurgery, the Department of Pediatrics, the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, the Department of Medical Rehabilitation and the Department of Orthopedics.

The cooperation of FK UNAIR with Juntendo University and UK Leuven Univerity Belgium has been going on for quite some time. FK UNAIR has been bound by MoU with Juntendo University for seven years. While the MoU with UK Leuven Univerity Belgium has been going on for six years.

Prof. Dirk De Ridder and Prof. Shigeo Horie selection has gone through many considerations. Dr. Lukman Hakim, Sp.U (K)., M.Kes., Ph.D said that the two professors came from two well-known, accredited, and credible universities in urology.

“The credibility of Prof Ridder and Prof Shigeo as scientists is evident from their successful publications in more than 150 international journals Scopus indexed. In addition they are also active and involved in the international urological associations from Asia to Europe, “said Dr. Lukman.

The form of collaboration of three parties so far has been through the exchange program of specialists, lecturers, and from conducting joint researches.

“The collaboration so far has not been only in the form of face-to-face meetings, we also used to discuss online,” he said.

Dean of FK UNAIR Prof. Soetojo hoped that this effort will continue to be encouraged. Not only to achieve the target of international journal publications, but also efforts to improve the quality of education and science at UNAIR, especially in Faculty of Medicine.

The series of visiting professorship events of Urology Department of Faculty of Medicine UNAIR lasted for three days, 8-11 January 2018. In addition to the seminar, there was also a live surgery event and the agenda of the two visiting professors to directly review patients treated in RSUD Dr. Soetomo. (*)

Author: Sefya Hayu Istighfaricha

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh


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