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UNAIR NEWS – Volunteers have a very important role in supporting the government to carry out its development, especially sustainable development. Regarding the role of volunteers, UNAIR NEWS  managed to meet one of the Airlangga Knights who has an active role in the world of volunteerism.She is Wachidatul Qomariah, a student of of English Literature, Faculty of Humanities, Universitas Airlangga.

Students who is known better as Icha stated that in carrying out the role as a volunteer, cooperation is the most important. Because with good cooperation, added Icha, volunteer function to participate in the success of sustainable development program can be done well.

Regarding the important role of volunteers in sustainable development, Icha stated that the results of the efforts are not visible in the near future. The student who started the initiation of the Urban Care community also confirmed that the slow changes can be seen from the role of volunteers, such as mental changes of students.

“Volunteer activities are long-term activities, not short-term. Sometimes we feel that there’s no results. It is not seen now, but later on we can feel it, “explained Icha.

Wachidatul Qomariah speaks about volunteerism in an event a few weeks ago. (Photo: Nuri Hermawan) 

There are many challenges and obstacles to optimize the role of volunteers. According to Icha, the toughest challenge felt to be a volunteer is to keep the community. Teamwork of internal administrators or members of the community is tested.

“So, the internal members must be solid so that all volunteers have a sense of belonging of the organization. So, there is a feeling to keep the community together, “he said.

Furthermore, to face the challenges, there is a solution by optimizing the role of social media. For her, the presence of social media can help in optimizing the role of volunteerism.

“So, there are also two types of volunteers, offline and online. Some of them have time to come. There are also some who are active in giving ideas in social media, ” she added.

At the end, Icha explained that the role of social media can also be felt when the community organize an activity or raise funds. “So, like collecting books for kids, we use social media. That way, we get donations of books from various regions in Indonesia, ” she concluded.

Author: Nuri Hermawan

Editor: Feri Fenoria


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