Kamren and Tapak Suci
Kamren Ahmad (sixth from the left) during a photo session with members of UKM Tapak Suci Universitas Airlangga after practicing at the student center on Thursday night, January 4. (Photo by courtesy)
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UNAIR NEWS – About 17 members of Tapak Suci Universitas Airlangga Student Activity Unit (UKM) held a special routine exercise on Thursday, January 4. Although it was during a term’s break, it did not mean regular martial arts practice for character building and achievement was off.

This week, UNAIR UKM Tapak Suci welcomed the arrival of an Australian native named Kamren Ahmad. The 20-year-old man was born in Perth City, Australia, with a Pakistani father and an Iranian mother.

Kamren is having a holiday in Indonesia, in Surabaya, for almost a week. He was with his friend was on vacation before continuing his cultural exchange program to Cambodia. Kamren went to nursing school.

Interestingly, the UNAIR UKM Tapak Suci was in Kamren’s mind. He stumbled upon it when he was browsing on the internet, Facebook , until he finally found UNAIR UKM Tapak Suci.

For him, Tapak Suci was something interesting in his life. Because it does not only focus on self-defense, but also has a philosophy of life as well as da’wah to strengthen ukhuwah Islamiyah.

At one point, Kamren intends to establish a community of Tapak Suci in Australia because they do not have it before. He was willing to learn in UNAIR UKM Tapak Suci. It is one of the facts that besides making achievements, the existence of UKM also introduces UNAIR to the world scene.

Kamren several times came to the student center. He was always welcomed warmly by the members of UNAIR UKM Tapak Suci.  Thursday night January 4 was Kamren’s last practice with them.

“It was a great experience for us. Because, in addition to improving our English to welcome World Class University, we felt the difficulties in giving technical instructions for stance and the movement in English, “said one member of UNAIR UKM Tapak Suci. “Fortunately, some of us are from international relations majors (HI) so we could give instructions,” he added.

In the last exercise, Kamren conveyed his impression. He was so impressed with the grandeur and greatness of UNAIR including the spirit of the members of UKM Tapak Suci who always practice despite the holidays.

“Thank you and this is wonderful,” Kamren said. “One day if there is time, I want to go back to Universitas Airlangga to learn more about Tapak Suci,” he added.

Author: Moh. Wahyu Syafi’ul Mubarok

Editor: Feri Fenoria


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