Illustration of Den Boyo
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UNAIR NEWS – Innovation continues to be made by Faculty of Dental Medicine Universitas Airlangga to support UNAIR towards Top 500 world-class universities. In addition to lecturers’ excellence, “Co-Ass” (Young Dentist) students of FKG UNAIR have managed to create innovative-educative product on dental & oral health in the form of picture books.

Uniquely, this pictorial story book was made from the result of research on the dental health of children in two areas in the city of Surabaya, Keputih and Dupak Subdistrict. The storybook which illustrates the story of a small crocodile, became the first research-based dental storybook in Indonesia.

“We first conducted an epidemiological study on dental hygiene of children with the parameters of child development at Keputih Public Health Center (Puskesmas Keputih). Frankly we were quite surprised, it turns out a lot of children with cavities, even large ones, mostly have low height, “said Delaneira Alvita as Head of Team Keputih.

From the problem, Delaneira admitted that the preparation of this storybook cannot be separated from the role of advisors in FKG UNAIR and mentors at the health centers.

“As a form of service to the community, the advisors have designed a research-based storybook, with a unique character, Den Boyo,” added Delaneira.

Den Boyo is an imaginary character created by Gilang R. Sabdho Wening, drg., M.Kes who is also the advisor of co-Ass team that served in Keputih. Gilang conveyed that children need dental and oral health education that appeals to them. One of them is by the creation of Den Boyo (Dental Bodyguard of Suroboyo, ed).

“It is expected to attract the children’s interest to get better understanding about dental and mouth health,” he explained.

Not only in Keputih area, the students of “Co-Ass” FKG UNAIR who served in Dupak Subdistrict also contributed “story” based on dental research which they found in elementary school children in the area.

“In Dupak we found a case that in elementary school children who fond of snack at school, average students often suffer from digestive disorders and have many cavities,” said Nurman as Head of Dupak team.

Based on information obtained from Dupak Puskesmas team, Viona as the coordinator said that she has actually often made visits to see dental health in each school.

“But unfortunately, the attention of the children to the material provided by the Puskesmas officers is low,” explained Program Coordinator of Dupak Team.

Therefore, for the second story of Den Boyo, Gilang with the team will create a story line about the influence of snack eating habit and its effects for the digestion of children, and of course on the problem of cavities.

“This Den Boyo storybook will continue to be used when there is a new story line based on evidences of research on children’s dental health. We believe that after the children read Den Boyo storybook, their understanding of dental health according to the purpose of the story also increases as well, ” she concluded.


Author: Irma Josephina Savitri (KIH FKG UNAIR)

Editor: Nuri Hermawan


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