UNAIR Lecturer Provides a Mentoring and Coaching to 5.231 Households in East Java

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evaluation meeting of Jalin Matra PK2

UNAIR NEWS –East Java government in alleviating poverty conducted through various ways. One of them through the program of  Jalan Lain Menuju Mandiri dan Sejahtera Penanggulangan Kerentanan Kemiskinan (Jalin Matra PK2) (Program toward independent and prosperous community to alleviate the poverty) initiated by the Department of Community Empowerment and Village of East Java Province.

Lecturer of Sociology Department of Universitas Airlangga, Doddy Sumbodo Singgih, MS.,is believed to be a companion to 5,231 households in East Java. This assistance aims to alleviate poverty and create an independent community by having a productive business through loan.

The mentoring of 180 villages and 29 districts runs from January to December this year. The program evaluation was held on Thursday (20/12) at Soetandyo Hall, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, UNAIR.

The program has been running for three years and will continue until one year ahead, as term of office of the governor of East Java, Soekarwo. In the three years of the program, Doddy is believed to be the leader of Jalin Matra PK2.

“The target is not the underprivileged people, but those who are near of poverty. We help them through productive activities so that they would not be as poor people in society,” Doddy said

Assistance was in lending of low-cost funds derived from the budget of regional income and expenditure (APBD). In order to obtain the loan fund, they should make five- to seven-member community groups.

Each community group was loaned a 65 million fund that could be used for productive bussiness. The criteria of poverty were derived from 14 poverty indicators obtained from the Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS).

Doddy took long process to conduct the mentoring. It started by hiring the human resources in dictrict level, providing program socialization, controlling program to ensure that the fund is right on target, managing financial from office service.

“We hired and trained the mentor from 29 disctricts. The point is we train them to accompany community so that the loan from APBD is right on target,” Doddy said

“We are believed to monitoring the program. Do not let any deviation procedures, either potentially harmful or non-harmful,”He said

Year by year, the number of villages receiving funding is going to grow. Next year the number of villages that will obtain the loan reaches 212 villages. During 2015 to 2018, the government set a target of 1.000 villages to be accompanied.

In the same program, UNAIR and other universities was believed to run the program. UNAIR run the program of Jalin Matra PK2, State University of Malang Jalin Matra Bantuan Rumah Tangga Sangat Miskin (BRTSM) (Program for underprivileged households), (BRTSM)  program, and Universitas Brawijaya Jalin Matra Penanggulangan Feminisasi Kemiskinan (PFK) program (program for alleviating feminization of poverty).

Dody hopes that the activity will run continously, so that the government vision to actualize the independent and prospereous community can be done.

Meanwhile, Nurul Muntasyiroh, S.Ag., S.H, M.M., as head of the Village Economic Empowerment stated that in the program, UNAIR plays a role as a provider of human resources and as expert staff.

“We have limited human resources and expertise. In addition to providing human resources, UNAIR has experts who provide a review of the program to run in accordance with the objectives, “he said. (*)

Author: Binti Q. Masruroh

Editor: Feri Fenoria


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