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UNAIR NEWS – The yard of Faculty of Nursing (FKp) was lively on Tuesday morning, December, 19. An activity involving students was held. There was a big tent with lines of booths.

It was Nerspreneurship, Expo of Nursing Student University Airlangga (UNAIR) 2017. In the event, the students sell good products in the form of food, beverages, healthy snack creations, natural health products, and so on.

There were twenty-four groups of students who opened booths. In each group there were eight students. Lecturers, staffs, and students crowded their booths. Beside wet food, there were other products such as carrot chips, corn masks, etc.

One of the creations that attract visitors was Hajite or Hazna (beautiful or good, ed) Stethoscope Jilbab. This product makes it easier for women who wear hijab to install a stethoscope. “We designed them so stethoscope can be easier to use without having to put it inside the veil to reach the ears,” said Lailatul Rohmah Kurniawati, one of the student group members who initiated the design of the veil.

Hajite, one of the creations of FKp students.

Next to Hajite booth, there was another booth that was not less interesting. It sold “Cushion Book of Education”, especially for children. The page was shaped like a cushion with educational writing and pictures such as parts of the body complete with English translation. There was also a book about what to do after waking up in the morning, activity, until back to sleep at night.

“This is part of the entrepreneurship course,” said Angga Krishna, the organizing committee.

Students of the third semester explained that there are two batches of students as the participants, from 2014 students (7th semester) and 2016 (3rd semester). There were six groups from the generation of 2014, and eighteen groups from the 2016.

In the course, said the alumnus of SMAN 16 Surabaya, the students are trained to become entrepreneurs so they have unyielding spirit. “Our entrepreneurial products focus on health. Food, beverages, and care products or services provided, must be based on health, “he said.

All this time, the campus always supports student programs., including on creativity and entrepreneurship. Because, in general, the faculty also want to produce graduates excellent in academic and non academic. The spirit of entrepreneurship should be the foundation in every step of the alumnus.

Dean of FKp Prof. Dr. Nursalam M.Nurs (Hons) said that his faculty always support students’ positive activities in any form. For example, activities related to sports, organizations, and creativity. He said that student achievements from any field, also boost good reputation for the campus. “We always facilitate,” he explained.

Both in terms of funding, and bureaucracy, will surely be easier. Thus, the students have a broad and applicative expression space. The lecturers also have the same vision in order to develop the talent interest. “Our achievements in student creativity at national level are able to compete with other faculties and campuses,” he said.

Vice Dean I Dr. Kusnanto added that what is applied is the practice of some lecture material theories. “So that is understood in the class can be directly created in the field. Creating products that are worth selling and needed by the public, “he said. (*)


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