UNAIR First International Mawlid Commemoration

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habib ali
UNAIR Rector Prof. Nasih with Habib Ali Zainal (in black robe) and Habib Idrus (brown robe) pray at the end of the event. (Photo: Nuri Hermawan)

UNAIR NEWS – After Isha prayer, sholawat continuously echoed in Ulul Azmi Mosque Campus C Universitas Airlangga on Saturday evening, December 16. For the first time, UNAIR together with the management of Ulul Azmi Mosque commemorated the birth of Prophet Muhammad SAW by inviting ulema from abroad. He was Habib Ali Zainal Abidin Al Hamid as the leader of Darul Murtazda Forum – Malaysia. There was also Habib Idrus bin Muhammad Alaydrus as the Forum of Rasulullah SAW – East Java.

The event was packed in International Mawlid Festival 1439 H was themed “Reaching Syafa’at with Love to Rasulullah”. Rector of UNAIR Prof. Moh Nasih was also present. In his speech, Prof. Nasih encouraged the audience to always feel grateful to Allah SWT. According to Prof. Nasih, being able to gather in the midst of the pious by commemorating the birth of the Leader of ummah is a great gift from Allah SWT.

“This is indeed a great blessing from Allah, without the blessing and help it is impossible for us to be able to do and gather in such a glorious assembly,” explained the Professor of FEB UNAIR. “Hopefully the purpose and aspirations of all the audience and academic community of UNAIR can be achieved, especially in carrying out the mandate and spreading benefits for ummah,” he added.

After the speech from Prof. Nasih, then the first sermon was delivered by Habib Idrus bin Muhammad Alaydrus. In his speech, Habib Idrus asserted that every faithful Muslim would miss and make Prophet Muhammad SAW as a role model in life. Habib Idrus provided examples of the role and behavior of the Prophet Muhammad as the role model of his companions.

“Allah also mentions in the Quran that the Companions of the Prophet are pleased to Allah SWT and Allah is also pleased with them,” he said.

The advisor of the Rasulullah SAW Forum of East Java also narrated one of the companions story. It is about Haritsah whose life story should be an example of youth today. According to Habib Idrus, his love to Allah SWT was very great and made him a shahid.

“When Haritsah’s love was so great to Allah SWT, he did not demand worldly pleasures but shahid in the way of Allah SWT,” said Habib Idrus.

The second sermon was delivered by Habib Ali Zainal Abidin Al Hamid. The Malaysian ulema opened the sermon by reminding that the birth of Prophet Muhammad in the world is a gift to mankind. That great gift, for Habib Ali, is a gift from Allah Almighty that men can not repay.

“In addition to being a gift for us all, Rasulullah SAW is also a role model in our lives,” he said.

Habib Ali also explained that the Prophet Muhammad was sent to be a verse reader. According to Habib Ali, everything read by the Prophet were all things relied on Allah SWT. Furthermore, the presence of the prophet also became the conscience of heart and soul and bearer of knowledge. Therefore, the civilization left by the Prophet is not about power but of science and morality.

“Science and morality is inseparable. Therefore, the Prophet Muhammad was sent to this world to perfect them, “said Habib Ali.

Author: Nuri Hermawan


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