UAS: Test of Ability, Knowledge, and Honesty

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In the weeks of end of semester exam, the library is usually visited by many students. (Photo: Helmy Rafsanjani)

In the end of the 2017, Final Exam (UAS) is held. For two weeks, students devoted their thoughts, time, and energy to study.

Preparing for exam, visiting libraries, looking for reading materials, and visiting sites of research journals, especially for those dealing with UAS in the form of assignments.

Generally, the score obtained for (final exam) UAS has high portion for course final mark that has been studied for one semester. So it is not surprising, if final exam weeks for some students become very sacred, because the results obtained from UAS are very important and decisive whether a student needs to repeat a course or able to continue forward in the next semester without any repeating courses.

That means that UAS is actually a test of ability and knowledge for students on what they have learned in the semester. The value obtained is considered as a representation of knowledge and ability of a student.

The question is, does the score really represent the ability and knowledge of a student? This question arises because it has become common knowledge that there are students who have high GPA but fail to prove their ability in the professional world. There is also another fact that in the process of exam, students cheat such as by copying the work of others or doing plagiarism.

Another fact, some students are still doing the method of “SKS” (All Night Study) in preparing for the exam, or in completing a take home assignment As a result, there is a successful achievement of learning with good results, but will the knowledge they learned in short time last long?

Most likely not, because when studying overnight, someone just put pieces of information into short-term memoryIn other words, although all forms of effort made, such as copying others, plagiarism, or “SKS” earlier, could have make a student get high achievements but the quality is questionable.

This is also an answer why there are still scholars who are not able to utilize their knowledge. Maybe the problem was they did not focus in their studies just like the elaborated above.

Therefore, UAS in addition to the test of knowledge and ability is also a test of honesty. Students are tested to be honest with themselves about whether the effort done so far is indeed worth to be rewarded highly? Also, have they completely understood from their studies? And whether indeed the score obtained is purely the result of their own efforts?

Obviously, UAS is not just about getting through this semester to the next semester or UAS to achieve high score in order to make parents, boyfriend proud but long-term accountability about how immersed the knowledge possessed by young scholars. In fact, this young scholars in the future will serve to hasten the progress of the nation. Hopefully. (*)

Editor: Bambang Bes


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