Reunion of Conjoined Twin Patients at RSUD Dr. Soetomo Anniversary

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RSUD Dr. Soetomo
Some doctors RSUD Dr. Soetomo along with the conjoined twin families they have handled in Soetomo Hospital Expo and Expo Research 2017. (Photo: Sefya Hayu Istighfaricha)

UNAIR NEWS – The 79th anniversary of Dr. Soetomo Hospital gave a different impression for the family of conjoined twins who were handled by Conjoined Twin medical team of Dr. Soetomo Hospital -FK UNAIR. They had the opportunity to attend the hospital anniversary event, where their conjoined twins had been handled.

The arrival of conjoined twin patient’s family was warmly welcomed by Head Conjoined Twin medical team of Dr. Soetomo Hospital – FK UNAIR  Agus Haryanto, dr., Sp.A (K). It was a rare moment between doctors and patients after years of not seeing each other.

Conjoined twins, Rochman-Rochim, Janeeta-Janeetra from Pasuruan, came with their parents and other family members. Meanwhile, Desti, the conjoined twins from Probolinggo, was also seen present in her mother’s arms.

The event of the conjoined twin families feels like a small reunion. There was intimacy. They greeted each other and took pictures like a big family. They both have gone through hard times fighting for the fate of their children in the hospital.

Some village midwives, even the Director of Probolinggo Hospital, accompanied one of the families. Their arrival was greeted by East Java Governor H. Soekarwo with his wife accompanied by the Dean of FK UNAIR Prof. Soetojo., Dr., Sp.U (K) and Director of RSUD Dr. Soetomo and other officials when they reviewed the exhibition stand.

“Oh Rochman-Rochim have grown up, haven’t they?” said Bu Karwo while greeting the twins from Mojowarno, Jombang. Pak Karwo stroked the hair of the two boys. Warm welcome was also received by families of other conjoined twin patients.

On that occasion, Agus submitted a book entitled Kembar Siam RSUD Dr. Soetomo-FK UNAIR to Pak Karwo. The book contains a collection of newspaper clippings containing treatment news of conjoined twins who had been handled by the team of RSUD Dr. Soetomo-FK UNAIR.

The green-covered books were also given to families of conjoined twin patients. Both Rahman-Rohim and Janeeta looked very enthusiastic about the contents of the book. “Who is this?” Rahman asked his mother. “That’s you and your brother when you were still baby,” replied his mother.

Anis Mulyo, Rochman-Rochim’s father, expressed his happiness for being able to attend the event. “Alhamdhulillah, the children are not a problem. They’re at school, class III now. Although, sometimes one of them is still complaining about using a catheter, ” he said.

Similar statement made by Yus Aminudin, Janeeta’s father. He recalled the difficult times when accompanying his baby Janeeta-Janeetra surgery in Dr. Soetomo Hospital. “I remember very well how the support Conjoined twins team of RSUD Dr. Soetomo-FK UNAIR at that time. I was worried, but Dr. Agus tried to calm us, ” he said.

Dr. Agus stated the commemoration of the 79th Anniversary of Dr. Soetomo Hospital was held for three days, December 6-8. Various activities were displayed and packaged in the event titled Soetomo Hospital Expo and Expo Research 2017.

In the exhibition, every SMF (Medical Functional Staff) Installation / Support in Dr. Soetomo Hospital presented excellent research products that were packed in posters, medical and health equipment. A number of hospitals and medical installations from various regions of East Java also participated.

On Friday morning, December 8, there was a fun walk event with thousands of participants. The event was more festive with the presence of Pak Karwo and his wife.

On that occasion, Pak Karwo reviewed a number of new buildings in Dr Soetomo Hospital such as Hemodialization Building, Outpatient Installation, Palliative Care and Pain Free Center, and PPJT Building (Integrated Heart Center).

Author: Sefya Hayu Istighfaricha

Editor: Feri Fenoria

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