Agnes Santoso alumna of FH UNAIR. (Photo: UNAIR NEWS)
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UNAIR NEWS – As a woman who has been long in the world of broadcasting, Agnes Santoso can always make discussion more interesting. UNAIR News got that impression when it had the chance to meet her upclose in Management Office Building Campus C Universitas Airlangga on Monday, December 4.


The woman graduated from Faculty of Law UNAIR has had long experience in television business, both national and regional scale. If you still remember, especially the ’90s, the name Agnes was familiar in Krucil show on SCTV because she was the presenter.

Now she is active as news anchor in SBO TV in several programs such as Jurnalis Klub every Tuesday and Thursday at 19:30 and Dialog Hukum every Monday at 20:00 on SBO TV.

“Yes, my passion is in entertainment and public speaking ,” she said when asked about her activities now.

Agnes said despite having a career in broadcasting, she decided to continue education at UNAIR, she did not think of choosing communication science majors. UNAIR medical school was her first choice for UMPTN (SBMPTN) .

After going to lectures for two semesters, she had difficulties to manage her time between education and work. In the following year, the native of Surabaya decided to take UMPTN again and chose Faculty of Law UNAIR.

After her education, Agnes did not immediately go back to be presenter again. She became an office worker in two companies. Two years in legal division of Bank Mandiri and three years in PLN East Indonesia as general manager secretary and legal division.

“Yes, after in Mandiri and PLN, I became a presenter again. Morning at the office, in the evening at broadcasting, ” she said.

After her office moved to Makassar, she decided to resign and focused on being a presenter on SBO TV until now. Although her career is not in line with her educational background, for Agnes, the science of law acquired was very influential in her present career.

Nowadays, legal knowledge is needed. Moreover, Agnes is active to be the host in Jurnalis Klub and Dialog Hukum which often discuss legal topics.

“In addition, being a graduate of UNAIR is a pride. Be among the graduates like Pakde Karwo and many more, ” she said.

Continue master’s Degree

Agnes has met many important figures for the program. Science, experience and inspiration always open her mind about anything. Although Agnes had felt inferior once, big names and achievements of UNAIR graduates gave her trust and pride so she can get through it.

Although she is quite comfortable with her current acivities, in the future, Agnes has set her targets. One of them is to continue to master’s degree.

“I am currently in the executive, in the future I also want to be involved directly in the production. In addition, I want to create programs and activities, ” she said.

For Agnes, every step taken now should be aimed at preparing for the best. Nevertheless, readiness to anything outside our plan is also necessary as her motto “Prepare to the best, ready to the worst”.

“Because, humans may plan. However, one second after that, humans have no ability to know. So they must be prepared and ready. ” she said. (*)

Author: Feri Fenoria

Editor: Nuri Hermawan


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