MEIRCURIUS Dwi Condro S (Photo by Helmy)
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Meircurius Dwi Condro Surboyo was confused in choosing a research topic for his final assignment (TA). Until one day he was inspired by his late father in his endeavor.

In his final assignment for thesis, he examines the potential use of smoke liquid of coconut shell which is used as canker sores therapy for people with diabetes mellitus (DM). Supported by his thesis, Meircurius DC awarded as the best graduate of Dentistry master program, Faculty of Dental medicine (FKG) Universitas Airlangga. He earned GPA 3.87.

The idea of his thesis came after he used to see his father use the smoke liquid from the coconut shell to help the injured skin heal.

“Before he passed away, my father made and used smoke liquid to reduce the pain of wound. The result, the wound is faster healed, “he said.

Traditionally smoke liquid used as a preservative of fish, processed meatball products, and also processed product such as tofu. However, the potential of therapy cannot be proven scientifically.

“Therefore I wanted to observe it. Liquid smoke contains phenol, guaicol, and 2EMP as antioxidant compounds and is able to accelerate the healing of canker sore, “he explained.

The Jember-born man on May 1990 was motivated to deepen this research because he is as a dentist; he often encountered patients with major canker sores, even for diabetes mellitus patient. The canker sore in the mouth has the potential to become a healing disorder.

Rector of UNAIR award Meircurius a certificate of best graduate (Photo by: Helmy Rafsanjani)

“Canker sores are treated topically (the drug is put directly on the canker sprue). For example, mouthwash. However, some studies show that the use of mouthwashes is not able to accelerate canker sores,” Explained by the man who once won the competition case oral medicine by FKG UNAIR in collaboration with Galaxo Smith Client.

Meircurius was impressed with his research while making liquid smoke in LIPI Tangerang, he had to compile and install pyrolysis tools and distillation tools by himself.

“It’s so different from what I’ve ever done. Unimaginable, I had to be like a technician, “he said.

Author  : Sefya Hayu Istighfaricha

Editor : Bambang Bes.


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