AUBMO talkshow
Talk show session in the AUBMO PSDKU UNAIR 4th Anniversary in Banyuwangi. (Photo: Siti Mufaidah).
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UNAIR NEWS – The 4th Anniversary of AUBMO (Airlangga University Bidik Misi Organization) PSDKU UNAIR Banyuwangi, was celebrated with “Learning and Sharing Stories with AUBMO”, on Sunday. This activity involved 250 students and lecturers.

According to Tri Nur Afiyah Wulandari, the head of the activities, the purpose of this AUBMO event was to enliven its 4th anniversary and to improve the kinship and harmony between members of AUBMO PSDKU Universitas Airlangga in Banyuwangi. Bidikmisi student were motivated to be more creative and independent.

“This AUBMO anniversary event is a series of events held during the day, including: blood donations, talk show, traditional games (such as eel relays and dag dag balloons). There was tumpeng slicing session and ended with the release of hope balloons, “continued Afiyah.

EXCITING. Eel relay games enlivening the 4th anniversary of AUBMO PSDKU UNAIR Banyuwangi. (Photo: Siti Mufaidah).

Described by the head of AUBMO PSDKU UNAIR Banyuwangi, Moh. Fauzi Zarkasi, the event was also attended by AUBMO alumnus, Prakuta Wijaya, SE, graduated in 2014. He was also a speaker in the talk show as well as the former head of AUBMO Surabaya 2012/2013.

AUBMO PSDKU UNAIR Banyuwangi is part of the Universitas Airlangga Bidikmisi (AUBMO) organization in Surabaya. This organization was established on November 11, 2014 which was aimed to establish kinship between all students who receive Bidikmisi scholarships.

“The celebration of its anniversary should be appreciated, so they can establish strong kinship between all student receiving bidikmisi, not only in Surabaya but here we also apply the same thing,” added Fauzi Zarkasi. (*)

Author: Siti Mufaidah.

Editor: Bambang Bes.


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