Inda Karsunawati Wins Best Poster Award at Two Conferences in Taiwan

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Inda Karsunawati, outstanding alumnus. (Photo: Private Document)

UNAIR NEWS – Getting opportunity to study abroad with a scholarship is an achievement. That is what Inda Karsunawati, an alumnus of Physics from Faculty of Science and Technology, Universitas Airlangga, who is now studying at Master Program of Biomedical Engineering, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology.

Inda has made excellent achievements as a student in Taiwan. Since starting her study at NTUST in March 2016, Inda has participated conferences seven times, both nationally and internationally.

“Conference participation is a compulsory requirement for graduation when someone completes a master’s study,” she said.

Inda was grateful. Because, at NTUST, he found a professor who is attentive for discussions and consultations about the science she focuses on, Biomedical Engineering.

In the last two months, on conferences she attended, Inda was awarded the Best Poster in 2017 Taiwan Biomechanics Workshop and Excellent Poster in 2017 Taiwan Biomechanics Annual Symposium. There were hundreds of other participants from various colleges in Taiwan. The two conferences each she followed was on October 14 and 18-19 November.

“Actually the interesting thing here (at NTUST, ed) is that every lecturer will encourage students to join the conference as many as possible, in order to share each other on research topics in certain fields,” said the woman born in Jombang, November 30, 1991.

Mostly, the papers Inda submitted were about rehabilitation techniques. They studied about fitness tools to help rehabilitate stroke patients as well as simple exercises for stroke patients.

Besides the conferences, apparently, Inda has shown her expertise in dancing. In March 2017, she and her team won the Third Place PPI Got Talent 2017 in the form of Saman Dance (Group of 9 dancers) held at Taipei Medical University, Taiwan. She and the team also won a favorite performance in a similar event.

Currently, Inda is busy with her thesis. Because, as planned, she will graduate in February 2018. Because of her diligence, even the professor who guides her also offers a doctoral scholarship for her. However, Inda is still considering the offer.

Besides completing her thesis, Inda also works as an Executive Editor at the Indonesian Student Association Media in Taiwan “Yin Ni Hao” as well as Secretary of Indonesian Open University in Taiwan. (*)

Author: Binti Q. Masruroh

Editor: Nuri Hermawan

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