BEM Holds National Seminar and Book Launching

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Adian Napitupulu (white shirt) with UNAIR students

UNAIR NEWS – Students’ movement today is seen as a dilemma. On one side the students are hegemonized by the heroic movements, such as 1998 strike. On the other hand, the demands of roles and contexts of today’s students are different from the past movements. As an initial effort to formulate the ideal student movement, BEM UNAIR 2017 through the Ministry of Social and Politics held a National Seminar and Book Launching  entitled “Arah Gerak Mahasiswa Pasca Reformasi 98”, held at the Hall of Amerta UNAIR Campus Management Building Campus C, Saturday, November 18.

The seminar invited several speakers, Adian Napitupulu, as a former activist who currently serves as a member of House of Representatives and Aribowo, a lecturer of FISIP UNAIR. It was moderated by Linggar Rama Dian, a lecturer of FISIP UNAIR. Veteran politician Fahri Hamzah was scheduled to attend the discussion, unfortunately, he could not attend.

In his initial presentation, Aribowo spoke more about student movement from the historical theoretical review, “The student movement can not be separated from the context of growing modernist theory,” he explained.

The former Dean of Faculty of Humanities, what students should face today is the potential tendency of authoritarian government in responding to problems today, such as reporting the makers of chairman of the House of Representatives meme to the police.

The speakers present an interesting discussion

In the next session, Adian Napitupulu argued that he did not agree when the government today is stamped with authoriratianism. It should be tested with data support and clarification on which indicators are used to assess. Regarding the student movement, Adian focused more on the issues, not on the methods used. “Student movement today should not copy student movement in 1998, oh, the president was besieged, now Jokowi should be too. That’s a wrong logic “, said the member of House of Representatives Commission VII.

The seminar was closed with a book launching from the Ministry of Political Social Affairs BEM UNAIR 2017. The book entitled “Dari Airlangga Bergerak untuk Indonesia ” is a collection of studies that have been held Ministry of Social Affairs BEM UNAIR 2017 and UNAIR student opinions. It contains many topics discussed, ranging from issues of HTI dissolution, Right of Inquiry to KPK, Setyo Novanto Law case, health issues, to student movement direction and other issues.

“This book is a form of literacy movement developed by BEM UNAIR in reviewing issues in their capacity as students. This is a publication effort that any movement undertaken by BEM UNAIR has a foundation of the study that can be accounted for ” said Dian Dwi Jayanto, Minister of Social and Politics BEM UNAIR 2017.

Author: BEM UNAIR Team

Editor: Rio F. Rachman


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