Enthusiastic participants of Airlangga Career Workshop held by BEM KM UNAIR. (Photo by courtesy)
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UNAIR NEWS – Ministry of Student Resources Empowerment (PSDM) BEM UNAIR are optimistic in conducting student development activities. Because after the success of the work program AMERTA 2017, this time, the Ministry of PSDM BEM UNAIR re-implement the advanced work program, Airlangga Career Workshop (ACW). One hundred and ten students looked very enthusiastic when they were attending the event.

“Basically we began to realize that the regeneration at UNAIR only from AMERTA. There’s no follow-up. This year, we from PSDM tries to conduct regeneration activities to the final period before they graduate, ” said Muhammad Halim as the minister of PSDM.

In the activities carried out for over two days (11-12 / 11), a lot of things obtained by participants. On the first day, the participants were given training on making curriculum vitae (CV), how to know their passion, branding, and successful career in government.

For that event, various speakers were invited. They were Geo Fany Suherawan (Head of Business Development and Marketing PT Qareer Harapan Asia), Rochmad Agung Widodo (Senior Counsel in Chevron), Lastiko Endi Rahmantyo (Coordinator of Tracer Study and Coordinator of PPPK UNAIR Alumni Empowerment, and Farah Andita Ramadhani (Department of Foreign Affairs of Surabaya City Government).

After training given on the first day. The next day the participants attended a seminar on Preparing The Future presented by three speakers including Muhammad Najikh (Founder PT Kelola Mina Laut), Bagus Budi Raharjo (Director of M-Brother’s Indonesia Group) and Tri Siwi Agustina (PPPK UNAIR Entrepreneurship Coordinator).

“We hope the participants will be ready to for professional world. Because we have provided training related to CV writing and interview. We also hope that when they succeed, they do not forget the alma mater because it has great role on their career success, “added the student of the Faculty of Dental Medicine.

Author: Pradita Desyanti

Editor: Nuri Hermawan

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