Dean of FEB UNAIR Prof. Dian and ESDM Minister Ignatius Jonan. (Photo by courtesy)
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UNAIR NEWS – As time goes by, industrial development has arrived at the 4th revolution with the development of automated system based on big dataThus, the role of humans seems to be replaced by robots. In response, the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) of Republic Indonesia continues to grow following the dynamics of the times, especially in realizing renewable energies.

“The industry is very dependent on electricity, then if the electricity tariff should continue to rise, why there is Minister of ESDM. We are looking for alternatives to electricity tariffs and many things can be done, including production efficiency, “said Ignasius Jonan, Minister of ESDM in his presentation at the International Development Student Conference on Friday, November 10.

Jonan who is also alumnus of FEB UNAIR explained, the current electrification ratio is reaching 93.03% and will be targeted to reach 97% within the period of two years. Currently, according to Jonan, there are 2500 villages that have not enjoyed electricity, and more than 1000 in Papua. Furthermore, more than 10,000 villages only enjoy one-third or only half of electricity. Therefore, the electricity tariff should be decreased because the electricity need should be met.

“Some villages have been given energy-saving lamps installed and last up to 5 years,” he added.

In addition, the one-price fuel program is a creative step. In Wamena the price even reached Rp 40,000 / liter. In its development so far, there are still 100 sub-districts that must be covered within the period of 2 years.

The man born in Singapore, June 21, 1963 also motivated the participants to a young generation to continue to grow.

“What I’ve been experiencing so far is irrelevant, the experience is irrelevant, all the economic matrices are bound to change. Maybe the current learned is 70% much different. So we have to sharpen ourselves to follow the times, if possible, to precede the times. One thing that is always relevant is wisdom,” he stated.

Author: Siti Nur Umami

Editor: Nuri Hermawan

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