Love Your Insides, Before Cancer Haunts You

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UNAIR NEWS – WHO GOBOCAN 2012 data says that colon cancer or in medical terms called colorectal cancer is the fourth leading cause of death from all types of cancer. Every year, estimated 608,000 people die from colon cancer. While in Indonesia, the disease is ranked seventh as the cause of death.

In response to that fact, Digestive Surgery Expert of FK UNAIR-RSUD dr. Soetomo Dr. Vicky Sumarki Budipramana, dr., Sp.B-KBD revealed that the number of colon cancer patients is increasing every year. This disease threats teenagers, children, and adults.

“Until now, not yet known exactly what the real cause. There may be several factors that trigger colon cancer, from age, unhealthy eating patterns, to hereditary factors, ” he said.

Regarding the unhealthy diet, Vicky said that eating fatty foods and preservatives too often can trigger the risk of colon cancer. However, it does not mean that he forbid people to eat fatty foods. Because the fat is also needed by the body for the continuity of metabolism. Therefore, Vicky suggested to limit fat consumption and balance it vegetables and fruit.


To identify colon cancer, Vicky said that long before it became cancer, the body actually had given a signal. Starting from the simple thing, such as difficulty in defecating.

“As long as we can maintain the frequency of defecation, without frequent constipation, then our digestive conditions may still be okay. But if on the contrary, we rarely defecate, due to constipation, and eventually experience bloody defecation, then we need to watch out, ” he explained.

Vicky also confirmed that the process of colon cancer developed into malignant cancer takes years. Unfortunately, according to Vicky the majority of patients ignore the symptoms experienced before.

Vicky added that symptoms of colon cancer are similar to hemorrhoid. Both have the characteristics of bloody defecation. But it’s different. Although both suffered bloody defecation, according to Vicky hemorrhoid does not complicate the process of bowel movements, while colon cancer is always accompanied by diarrhea and even constipation.

“Often the layman mistakenly thought the bloody defecation was hemorrhoid. It is treated for years but not getting better, even more severe. After going to the doctor and done a colonoscopy examination, it was not hemorrhoid, but there was a lump of cancer in the intestine, “he explained.

Regarding colon cancer which can kill, according to Vicky, in acute conditions, cancer lumps can penetrate the intestinal wall and spread to blood vessels, glands, and some vital organs such as lung, liver, bladder, even the uterus.

“Just imagine, what happens when cancer cells have spread everywhere? The danger of course, “he said.

For those accustomed to eating vegetables every day, Vicky suggested to keep the habit. For those who rarely eat vegetables, should have awareness to add fiber every day. Meanwhile, for those who are not at all fond of vegetables, Vicky reminds them to really consider the effect of her dominance for overall health.

“Instead of saving money for medical expenses, we should spend them for buying fruit and some fresh vegetables every day. Let’s just say, eating vegetables and fruit every day is a form of long-term health investment. Simple right ?, “he concluded.

Author: Sefya Hayu Istighfaricha

Editor: Nuri Hermawan


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