Alumni of UNAIR Communication Science Win Go-Video 2017

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The winning team.

UNAIR NEWS – The alumni of the Universitas Airlangga have made another achievement. This time, through a documentary work titled “Wise and Sunrise” by Aditya Suwardi (Director, Communication Science 2011) and As’ad Aswin (Executive Producer, Communication Science 2012) succeeded in becoming the “Best Documentary” in Go-Video Competition 2017 held by Go-Jek .

“Many of the film crews were also from Communication Science of UNAIR,” As’ad said last Friday, November 3.

There were Rizki Zulkifli (2011), Bayu Aditya (2012), Benedict Andre (2014), Goyco Faza Ghafara (2011). All of them were already graduated from UNAIR, except Andre. For the achievement in the event titled # life without limit, they won a prize of Rp 100 million rupiah.

When they were asked about the secret for their winning, As’ad said that the key was resilience and cooperation. “Do not be afraid to start, do not be afraid to make awful work, do not be afraid to compete,” As’ad asserted.

“Wise and Sunrise” is about two Go-Jek drivers named Arif, which in English means Wise, and Fajar, which in English means Sunrise.

Arif Fahrozi is a versatile artist. In addition to be Gatot Kaca dancer who is often invited in the wedding, the father of three children are also instructors of gymnastics, Quran teacher, trumpeter, artist, and host in Javanese wedding. Fajar Nugroho is an expert on herbs and acupuncture. They are acquainted because both are Go-Jek drivers.

Not just getting acquainted to each other, they also learn from each other. Arif learned to be an acupuncture from Fajar, while Fajar learned to be the Javanese proceeding host from Arif.

“Wise and Sunrise” was chosen to be the winner after a number of stages and rigorous selection. The judges are not ordinary people. The announcement was held on Wednesday evening, November 1 at Usmar Ismail Kuningan Film Center building, South Jakarta.

It is not easy for judges to decide the winners. There was a fierce debate before taking a decision. They supported different videos to win.

The judges were Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) GO-JEK Indonesia Piotr Jakubowski, Riri Riza (director), Chelsea Islan (actress), Reza Rahadian (actor), Mira Lesmana (director), Anggy Umbara (director) and Mikey Moran (DJ).

In addition to the documentary category, there were also categories of animation, drama, comedy, and music. There was also an award of Student Reward with the prize of DJI Spark Drone and appreciation for “Best Picture”. (*)

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