Lailatul Rohmah, makes her parents proud. (Photo: by courtesy)
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UNAIR NEWS – From her thesis titled ” The Effect of Watermelon(Citrullus Lanatus) Skin Extract to Motility and Viability of Rat (Rattus norvegicus) Spermatozoa with Exposure to Heat “, Tatyana Rohmah was awarded the best graduate of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (FKH) in Universitas Airlangga graduation in September 2017. She earned 3.62 GPA.

In that research, Lailatul studied the content of watermelon skin as an antioxidant that can improve the quality of sperm that are exposed to heat and tested by looking at the percentage of possibilities for life.

“The benefits of this research, hopefully can provide information about the content of watermelon skin that is usually not useful and wasted, but it can be useful to ward off free radicals because it contains many antioxidants in it,” said the girl born in Lamongan 1995.

Asked about his obstacles during the writing of her thesis, the girl graduated from SMAN 9 Surabaya admitted that she had to do research quite long. This is because the object used is animal with long cycle of spermatogenesis. “I have to wait more than a month for that cycle and more time in the laboratory, ” she said.

Lailatul was proud of her GPA. Because this is part of her struggle to make others proud of her. The girl who had been an apprentice at PT Super Unggas Jaya Pasuruan expected her professional study this year to run smoothly and completed on time, so that she could quickly distribute her knowledge.

“I hope I can do my veterinary profession education college as planned. Given more knowledge, more experience, hopefully can maintain the achievement, or improve it,” said Lailatul.

Lailatul shared her feeling for students who are struggling to reach hope that their study is very short, so it should not be wasted, should be put to good use. “Try whatever activities you like. Believe in yourself that you have to be the best, try as well as possible to make parents proud, ” she concluded.

Author: Ainul Fitria

Editor: Nuri Hermawan, Bes

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