ATMOSPHERE visits Al Izzah High School, Batu, and SMA IT Al Huda Wonogiri to UNAIR, Thursday, October 12. (Photo: Hedi Diah Syahputri)
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UNAIR NEWS – Kahuripan Hall of Campus C Universitas Airlangga  was crowded by students of two schools who visit UNAIR. No less than 231 students from SMA Al Izzah, Batu, and SMA IT Al Huda Wonogiri visited UNAIR on Thursday, October 12.

The event was started with remarks from representatives of both schools. Suwito as Principal of SMA IT Al Huda and Priyo Raharjo as Vice Principal of SMA Al-Izzah, Batu delivered their remarks.

On that occasion, Dr. Moh. Anam Al Arif, drh., MP from Student Admission Center (PPMB) UNAIR described the process of admission at UNAIR. He advised the students not to always choose one of the most desirable programs, such as the Faculty of Medicine.

“Make sure your choice of program is in accordance with the interests or talents,” explained Anam.

Next, Dr. Eduardus Bimo Aksono H., drh. M.kes as Secretary of Information and Public Relations Center (PIH) UNAIR explained about UNAIR profile. Before explaining, Bimo asked students questions about why they wanted to study at UNAIR.

One of the high school students from SMA IT Al Huda loudly answered that she wanted to enter International Relations. When asked for the reason, the veiled student only responded because it is her interest. No doubt, the answer followed with laughter and applauses from all participants.

After the presentations, there was a discussion session. Syaiful, a Physics teacher from SMA Al Izza asked about the percentage ratio of SNMPTN, SBMPTN, and Independent channel. Anam answered that the percentage in 2017, SNMPTN was 35%, SBMPTN was 35%, and independent channel was by 30%. He also explained the assessment variables on the school index.

In response, Bimo added that the school index on the input line ratio variable means how large the number of students who register through the SNMPTM line and the amount received.

“Do not worry for schools that do not have alumni at UNAIR. Because there are a lot of points or variables assessment. The alumni points and entrance point ratios are one of several points of assessment. All have the same opportunity, “said Bimo.

There were questions coming from SMA Al Izzah students. Such as a question from SMA IT Al Huda, Dilan who also served as head of OSIS asked about students with hafidz Al-Quran achievement.

“As long as the hafidz students can provide evidence of achievements at provincial level, they will have more points. In other words there is an evidence such as official certificates, they can be a consideration, “said Bimo.

In addition to these two questions, there are still many students and teachers’ asked from both schools that show their enthusiasm during the visit. Before the visit was closed, Bimo provides motivation to all participants to choose the program carefully.

“Keep motivating the students to do all the tests. For SNMPTN, try to adjust it with the competence, the children of science majors choose Science program, as well as with Social and Language, “concluded Bimo. (*)

Author: Hedy Diah Syahputri

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh

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