The atmosphere of the students who were looking at the microscope.
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UNAIR NEWS – One of the dreams this university is to establish Airlangga Health Science Park, a science complex in health and medicine.

The existence of Airlangga Disease Prevention Research Center (ADPRC) will certainly reinforce the step towards the establishment. All this time, UNAIR already has Airlangga Health Science Institute (AHSI). AHSI embraces the Institute of Tropical Disease (ITD), and three university hospital, Dental and Oral Hospital, UNAIR Hospital, and Infectious Disease Hospital.

ADPRC joins AHSI with its capacity as a disease prevention research center. UNAIR’s strength will be more solid.

“We definitely coordinate with ITD and RSUA. Because the study at ADPRC must be related to issues investigated in ITD, as well as problems handled by the hospital, “said ADPRC Coordinator Prof. Dr. Fedik Abdul Rantam.

As it was just newly formed, ADPRC does not have a room yet. The activity is concentrated in one of the two floor rooms of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (FKH) building. In the near future, ADPRC will have its own room.

The procurement of facilities and infrastructure is being coordinated with the university management including, procurement of new equipment and laboratories. Although ADPRC already has supporting facilities placed in ITD and FKH.

UNAIR has great expectations for becoming a leading medical and health research center. Not only in Indonesia, but also in ASEAN. University has always done a lot of international academic activities. Both seminars, conferences, and researches with other universities abroad.

Lecturer exchange program to study abroad, staff exchanges, and even student exchanges are also organized. Thus, the academic community of UNAIR will have global insight. But they should still contribute at local, regional, and national levels including to participate in triggering health problems at a higher level, or at world level. (*)

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