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UNAIR NEWS – The progress of era marked by the rapid development of technology does not always bring a good impact on human life. If it is not used wisely, sophisticated technology aimed to facilitate human affairs will pose a danger, especially on health.

Regarding this matter, UNAIR News  interviewed Dr. Kusnanto , Vice Dean of Faculty of Nursing Universitas Airlangga , during a diabetes counselling in Hall of RW. IV Dupak Bangunsari, Krembangan Sub-district, Surabaya on Thursday, October 12.

After opening the counseling event, Kusnanto said that the number of people with diabetes in Indonesia is very high. According to him, it is caused by many things, ranging from diet, nutritional value of food, the level of stress, to the lifestyle. Kusnanto also confirmed that the current condition of diabetes does not only attacks the elderly.

“there are even more cases of diabetes in productive ages. It is determined by diet, lifestyle, and easy stress, “he explained.

He also added, the tendency of humans who are now too often to sit and relax with their mobile phones also become one of the triggers. According to him, there are enough public spaces that are built to make them move for example Bungkul garden.

“But in fact people come to the public space to stay quiet and relax with their own phones. So it is useless, ” he said.

Regarding the prevention, Kusnanto said that all came back to regulate habits and lifestyles. By arranging a good lifestyle such as paying attention to eating habits and nutritional value, managing stress can minimize the potential for diabetes. Furthermore, diabetes can be prevented by diligent exercise. For Kusnanto, sport activities with many motions can be one solution.

“Do not always use vehicles everywhere,” said Kusnanto.

Furthermore, Kusnanto also provides a way to detect early symptoms of diabetes by doing a routine of checking blood sugar.

“We as nurses, to detect it early, we interview patients and do blood sugar checks. This is the easiest for the initial check, “he added.

Author: Nuri Hermawan

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh

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