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UNAIR NEWS – Since last Tuesday (19/9), Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) has a study center Airlangga Disease Prevention and Research Center (ADPRC). ADPRC is One Health Collaboration Center (OHCC) with Indonesia One Health University Network (INDOHUN). The others universities which also have OHCC are UGM and Udayana.

ADPRC focuses on assisting government to handle infection disease problems, especially, zoonosis. It also focuses on study of human health, veterinary, environmental health and creating useful product.

The establishment of ADPRC which fully supported by Indohun,;there will be many events related to Indohun.

Indohun has established networks with many universities either from Indonesia or foreign country. The collaboration acquired funding by United States Agency for International Development (USAID). Health problems cannot be solved by only one party. There must be synergy between stakeholders.

“ADPRC has vision to be center study which is able to contribute in national and international level to disease prevention. Especially, pandemic and zoonosis,” Prof. Dr. Fedik Avdul Rantam said, the leader of ADPRC

The mission of center study is to conduct research and publication. It is aimed to make more applicative research for community. ADPRC would make useful product for health of human, animal and environmental.

Secondly, it earmarked to hold sustainable education and community service in zoonosis field. Third, it also aimed to empower community by hosting seminar, workshop, training and counseling. Then, to develop communication, information, education and advocacy for community about  ADPRC study.

“We would like to produce product which is able to prevent and detect early disease of zoonosis and bioterrorism,” Prof. Suwarno said, secretary of ADPRC. This Tuban-born professor also would like to publish international journal regularly and provide insight to community about One Health. (*)

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