Professor of Anatomy Pathology FK UNAIR, Prof. Dr. Roemwerdiniadi Soedoko,dr, Sp.PA ( K) passes away in 80 years old (Photo by: Sefya)
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UNAIR NEWS – The professor of anatomy pathology Faculty of Medicine Universitas Airlangga, Prof. Dr. Roemwerdiniadi Soedoko,dr, Sp.PA (K) passed away in 80 years old on Friday, 6/10 at 13.45 WIB.

The third kid of hers, dr. Armanto Sidohutomo, Sp.M(K) said that his mom was unconscious on  Thursday morning (5/10) then family brought her to hospital Graha Amerta RSUD.Dr. Soetomo.

After been claimed in stable condition, she was moved to ICU at 22.00 WIB.

“At 23.00 doctor told that my mom was in serious condition. All we did just pray, then after Friday prayer, my mom passed away,” He said

For her last tribute, her body was brought to FK UNAIR Hall on Saturday (7/10) for funeral ceremony then buried at family chemistry Dusun Telasih, Desa Kepuharjo, Malang.

About the hunch, Manto claimed to have met several requests from the mother, one week before. “A week ago, my mother asked me to visit my grandfather chemistry and told me to prepare a burrow next to it. Then, have her bed painted again, and now it is being used to lay the body of the mother, “he said.

According to her family, Prof Roem was known as strong women. In the mid of her rush activity, she kept managing her role as a mom for four kids, Dr. Ananto Sidohutomo MARS, dr. Arsitawati Soedoko, MAHM, dr. Armanto Sidohutomo, Sp.M(K), and dr. Arsanto Sidohoetomo.

“How busy and exhausted she was, she always made time for her kids. She always called us by phone. Even, when school report card taking, she would to set aside her interest to take the report card by herself,” He said

To take the school report card was a simple thing, but, it was precious thing for her kids. Notably, when they were on bad situation, Prof. Roem was never angry with them.

“My mom was such a gentle mother; she never got angry with us. She always told that behind the failure there was a meaning, we had to believe that God has prepared good things for us,” he said

On her career journey, Prof Roem hasdtaken a lot of work and devotes her attention to cancer problems. For her contribution, the  Blitar-born doctor, on February 4 1937, had received several awards from the World Health Organization include; one of them was WHO Award in Social Medicine in 1995. And she received an award from WHO in May 2000 at the United Nations building, Geneva. Since then, her contribution had been recognized worldwide. Prof Roem gained the nickname The Queen of Cancer for the world, considering what she had fought  for cancer prevention.

Armanto told that his mom was active in spreading information about cancer throughout rural area since 1970. Before the number of cancer cases increasing, the graduate of New South Wales University, Royal Hospital for Women Sidney and Prince Henry Hospital Melbourne.

“When I was kid, me, my brother and sister alternately accompanied mom to go around rural area, include Bawean island and Pacitan.  We climbed mountain and crossed the sea by ship to meet people in village and share some insight to them. Full of struggle, but mommy never complained,” He said

Her struggle also fully supported by his late husband dr Soedoko Sidohutomo Sp PA during his life. Along with of her physician colleagues in 1969, Prof. Roem then founded Wisnuwardhana Cancer Foundation address which located at Jl. Kayon No. 16-18 Embong Kaliasin, Genteng, Surabaya. Although the founder of the foundation has passed away, but the mission still continued by his sons, since 10 years ago.

In addition to actively managing the foundation, Prof Roem also interested in writing and has published many books, includes, books about cancer and recorded her experience around the world.

“Her experience in overseas always been written, includes, their feeling when she was far away with her kids during her study in Australia. It was written in 26 series and entitled as Dongeng Dalam Surat Untuk Anakku,” He said

According to Armanto, her mom was inspiring mother, so was his father. The simplicity reflexion of his parents always inspired the kids for living.

“My mom said that, to live the life only takes three things faithful, prayer and discover some knowledge as much as possible, be useful person,” He stated

Author : Sefya
Editor : Binti


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