The First UNAIR Alumnus to Receive Hearing Aid East Java Scholarship

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Valina Khiarin Nisa is a recipient of Hearing Aid East Java Scholarships scholarship in Master of Clinical Audiology University of Western Australia. (Photo: Private Collection)

UNAIR NEWS – ” Alhamdulillah, everything is set today after two years pursuing the Master of Clinical Audiology of the University of Western Australia,” said Valina Khiarin Nisa proudly. The graduate of Faculty of Psychology Universitas Airlangga in 2015 was appointed as the only one from East Java who got Hearing Aid East Java Scholarship to continue studies in the Master of Clinical Audiology University of Western Australia.

Interviewed at Grahadi State Building on Wednesday, September 27, the woman well-known as called Valina said that she had tried to get the scholarship twice.

“I’ve tried it twice, first in 2016 but there was some problem so I need to try again. Thanks to God, this year I tried again and qualified, ” she explained proudly.

Being asked about the choice of the new master program, Valina said that she was encouraged by her lecturers at Faculty of Psychology UNAIR. Furthermore, the concentration of Valina’s education in Developmental Education Psychology was her reason for the Master of Clinical Audiology.

“Actually since my graduation in 2015 my lecturer has suggested me taking this master, because it is still new in East Java. In addition there is a collaboration between East Java and Western Australia to handle deaf children, “he explained.

Valina said that the scholarships she received includes living expenses during her stay in Australia, plane tickets, and various purposes during her study. Not only that, with a cheerful tone, Valina also said that there is fund for holiday and return to Indonesia once a year.

“All are covered starting from residence, flying from Surabaya-Australia, and there is also holiday,” said the creator of Jinggle Airlangga.

Valina who is now a young lecturer at the Faculty of Psychology UNAIR said that the education process will begin in February 2018. In addition, she also confirmed that after college, he will return to UNAIR to teach and will undergo a contract with the East Java Provincial Government to handle cases of children with special needs, especially deaf ones.

“For her plan after master study, I have a contract with East Java Provincial Government and Psychology UNAIR. So I had to hold a seminar on deafness in several cities in East Java and to my friends in the regions. Then I will also teach as a lecturer in Psychology UNAIR, “added Valina. (*)

Author: Nuri Hermawan

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh


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