UNAIR Young Pianist Performs in Presence of European Queens

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Felix Justin, young pianist, an alumnus of UNAIR. (Photo: by courtesy)


The last six years were the best years for Felix Justin. He focused on his classical music career. He was a young man brave enough to work following his interests.

It does not mean that he gives up Pharmaceutical science. In 2003, Felix started studying in Pharmacy program for four years. He had an excellent academic achievement as he was appointed as Outstanding student of Faculty of Pharmacy Universitas Airlangga in 2005.

He was a diligent student. He went to classes from morning to afternoon. Going home from campus, he prepared for his classes the next day. Besides going to classes, Felix also joined organizations. He was a member of Student Executive Board of Faculty of Pharmacy.

He focused on his study in the first year and the second year but he was attracted to other activities in his third year. His great talent in playing the piano was well-known. He received a lot of invitations to perform in public.

“I was requested to accompany the Faculty of Pharmacy choir performance and there were also offers from other parties.  In the third year, I wanted to give private piano lessons,” said Felix.

He felt that music was calling him but he believed that his study must be finished first. His parents have warned him. He was allowed to play music but his study must be completed on time.  He then focused on his study and continued his professional program.

After finishing his study in UNAIR, he was drawn into music more. Even with his professional degree, he followed a teacher recruitment in a famous music school. Felix was accepted and he was promoted after a few months.

Studying in Holland

He was even more attracted to classical music. With supports from his parents, Felix started his music career formally. Felix chose to study at Utrecht University in Holland.

“My parents told me that I had to study again if I want to focus on music. I thought I was okay at work so why did I have to study again.  Finally, I studied again in Utrecht to improve my academic knowledge. I enjoyed studying there,” said the alumnus of Classical Piano Performance and Music Education Utrecht University.

Felix showed his best in music and he did not want to lose from his classmates younger than him. Every day, Felix spent a third of his days to practice his music skills. He practiced after his classes.

“Piano students normally practice seven to eight hours outside classes, I’m not younger. My brain works a bit slower,” he said while laughing.

After finishing his bachelor’s degree, Felix continued his master degree in Classical Piano Solo Performance in the same university in 2014. He finished his college with perfect scores. An extraordinary achievement in the program. He was even learned from his favorite pianist, Elisabeth Leonskaja.

Made the Queens Impressed

In the city 43 km away from the Amsterdam, Felix will not only study but also look for professional experience. As a student in Utrecht, he often participated in a music concert held in the administration office.

His routine participation came into fruition. The latest awardee of Erasmus Exchange Programme in 2015 in Royal College of Music London was offered to perform in presence of the Queen Beatrix of Holland and Queen Mathilda of Belgium. Both are classical music enthusiasts who were visiting Utrecht in the last 2016.

He was nervous at first. Before performing, he was granted an audience with the queens. In the stage, Felix performed his best and the queens were pleased with the performance.

“I played two pieces and they gave me positive responses. It was seen from their faces,” said Felix.

A few months ago, Felix was requested to accompany the performance of Creative Economic Board. In the Third Piano Concerto, Felix with Jakarta City Philharmonic got a great round of applause.

His appointment as main pianist was not without reason, the song of Sergei Prokofiev was played well in the concert during a master degree exam in Utrecht.

After six years honing his musical skills, Felix wanted to be a true musician to share his creativity in music.

“The most important is to share my music. Hopefully, people can enjoy the music I play,” said Felix who will be involved in Amsterdam Concert with Charlotte Houberg.

Author: Defrina Sukma S

Editor : Nuri Hermawan

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