Leadership Style Key to Tourism Industry Success

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Dr. Suko Widodo with Banyuwangi and Trenggalek Regents in the event of CEO Forum: The Future of Hospitality Industry in East Java. (Photo: Defrina Sukma S)

UNAIR NEWS – It is not the time for leaders to dominate policy-making and implementation processes. Therefore, the participation of the people become the main key of regional development, including in the field of tourism.

It was stated by an academic as well as tourism observers Dr. Suko Widodo in response to the policy implementation of Regent of Trenggalek and Banyuwangi Regent in the event of CEO Forum: The Future of Hospitality Industry in East Java, Tuesday, September 19, at Dyandra Convention Center.

“The development of Trenggalek and Banyuwangi is very good. There are social changes that occur in both places and it is extraordinary awesome, “said Suko when asked for his opinion by moderators.

According to Suko, the leadership style of Emil Dardak (Regent of Trenggalek) and Abdullahh Azwar Anas (Banyuwangi Regent) became the key of success in implementing the policy. Both are considered to place rationalization in development in an open manner, through dialogues with the people.

“They invite people together to make changes. Something commonly done top down (government to the people, -res), but this is changed by mas Emil and mas Anas. Because to change the state of tourism or other aspect takes a great effort, ” he added.

Banyuwangi Regent said that working on the tourism industry, he emphasized the local wisdom. For Anas, sustainable development is not only about the fulfillment of green open space but the preservation of local wisdom.

To support it, his administration sought to attract tourists by organizing activities that accentuate the traditions of the people of Banyuwangi.

“There are currently six flights from Jakarta to Banyuwangi. There are other areas that subsidize airlines to the area, but passengers do not come. I do not subsidize the plane but make an event. Market is formed because passengers come to Banyuwangi, ” explained Anas.

On the other hand, Emil, the youngest regent is changing the image of the region from a “retired city” to a “youth-friendly city”. He said, the departure of young people from home because the government did not facilitate some creative space for them.

For that, Emil tried to build creativity centers for young people to try out work on on start-up business.

“Our youngsters make ‘Cuss-Jek’ like an online motorcycle taxi. So, if tourists are confused going out the hotel at night, or difficult to find food, they can just use Cuss-Jek, “said Emil.

In policy making, Emil instructs his subordinates to always discuss with their citizens. The goal, to oversee the sustainability of development results.

Furthermore, Vice Governor of East Java Syaifullah Yusuf who also attended the event explained that the changes made by two regional leaders are worthy of appreciation. They are considered to change the leadership style so that people will move and participate.

He said that the tourism industry becomes a leading economic sector of East Java. Although the results have not contributed much to gross regional domestic revenues, the government will continue to innovate in the tourism sector.

Event CEO Forum is a series of activities of the 26th Anniversary of Management Master program, Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Airlangga in cooperation with news portal josstoday. com . The event was also held to commemorate at FEB and UNAIR’s anniversary.

“CEO Forum is held to provide practical nuance to their participants and students,” said Coordinator of Management Master program, Dr. Gancar Premananto.

Author: Defrina Sukma S

Editor: Nuri Hermawan

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