Signs of People Who Work with Passion

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Syafril Riza
Syafril Riza giving a presentation about passion to seminar participants, Saturday September 16. (Photo: Defrina Sukma S)

UNAIR NEWS – Almost everyone has experienced anxiety in life including young people. Often, they had to make choices on somethings they want to do in life.

But, there are signs to someone who do their activities in accordance to their passion. A professional mentor and lecturer Syafril Riza described some of the characteristics of people who work based on their passion in the seminar “Is My Choice Wrong?”, Saturday, September 16, at Kahuripan Hall Campus Management Office C.

The first sign is the flow of spirit when starting the day. “The people who works according to his passion will certainly have great spirit to start the day. He will come and greet all his friends with enthusiasm, “explained Syafril at the event held by Hospitality Management Diploma 3 vocational program.

The second sign that appears is the ability to control emotions. Because a sense of excitement and morale will flow by someone who works according to their passion.

“This is just a tip for you who are not married. Find a partner who works or does business according to their passio . If he does business or does not work with passion, when he comes home from work, he will only complain, “added Syafril followed by laughter from the seminar participants.

The third sign is the courage to take risks. Syafril who likes to play basketball said that workers who follow the passion will feel challenged to try out new things and they, they also work all out in their work.

Syafril did not deny that finding a passion is a time-consuming process. He admitted, he had wanted to become a bank clerk because he wanted to dress up neat and cool. However, his wish was suddenly vanished when he was offered to be a teacher.

“I was offered to be a KIR extracurricular teacher. As it turns out, I like it a lot. I am happy to be the center of attention and to share experience. There was an inner battle. But, find and try new things until you find your passion, ” he said.

Syafril who often speaks in similar training events elsewhere also had his time to get bored with his routines. If that happens, the Korean drama fan chooses to take a break from the routine by doing leisure activities such as sightseeing or culinary tours.

At the end of his presentation with the participants, he advised them to live life with a sense of optimism but remain realistic. Positive thinking is necessary but it must be balanced with careful considerations.

Author: Defrina Sukma S

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