Ahadin Syarifudin Fahmi Adimara in Annapurna, Himalaya, Nepal. (Photo: Private Collection)
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UNAIR NEWSUniversitas Airlangga should be proud as one of its students was invited directly by Google to its headquarters located in Mountain View, San Francisco, United States, in Local Guides Summit 2017. He is Ahadin Syarifudin Fahmi Adimara.

From a total of 278,197 Local Guides worldwide, Fahmi is one of 150 lucky participants who will meet Google’s management board. 150 participants from 50 countries will follow the 2017 Local Guides Summit event at Google headquarters on October 9-13.

“This year I was invited to represent Indonesia with four other friends. The core of this program is to introduce the destination through Google Maps, “said the student who studies in the Master program of Occupational Health and Safety, Faculty of Public Health UNAIR.

Local Guides Summit is one of the highest appreciations Google provides to those who actively contribute in improving the quantity and quality of information available on Google Maps. The purpose of this application is to help fellow users in finding the location to be searched.

Persistent tourism promoter

Fahmi has worked hard to make the achievement.  He was invited by Google because of his persistence in promoting tourism in Indonesia.

“Through passion of traveling and photography, I see opportunities in using social media such as Local Guides and Instagram,” said the owner instagram account @ fahmiadimara with followers reached 11.8K.

His passion for photography was able to make him influential in Indonesian tourism. Several well-known brands both domestic and abroad collaborate with it.

In February, Fahmi collaborated with one of the agencies to undertake an extreme photography expedition in Mount Annapurna, Himalaya, Nepal. And most recently in April, Fahmi was invited by the Ministry of Tourism for the Wonderful Indonesia and Pesona Indonesia project.

In fact, one of Fahmi’s portfolio of photography was used as the official background on the Google Local Guides page for a full year in 2016. Some of his photographs are also used by Google Local Guides as a cover of Local Guides presentations around the world.

Currently, Fahmi is one of the top 100 trusted Google Street View professionals in Indonesia. His job is to contribute real time photos with photo type 360 ​​to Google Maps.

Since early 2016 he has also been active in pioneering Local Guides communities in Indonesia as Founder Local Guides Indonesia, Local Guides Moderator East Java, Local Guides Surabaya Moderator, and Owner Local Guides Sidoarjo.

“There are advantages when local guides gathered as a community. Google’s core teams provide intensive training via video call on how to be a good Local Guides. So, it has been monitored directly by the central Google team, “he said.

This year, after 5 months he was able to bring the Local Guides Surabaya community into the most active and innovative community from all over the world. As a result, the Google Local Guides team flew directly from America to give a live appreciation in Surabaya on September 23rd at Siola.

Fahmi confessed, he emphasized on honesty in every work. “Because an honest photography work can help people around,” he said. (*)

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh

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