Unafraid of Failure, Main Requirement to Start Business

UNAIR NEWS – The main requirement to start a business is being unafraid of failure. The second requirement is receiving inputs for our business ideas. It was stated by Dino Martin CEO of karir.com in a workshop on startup in Universitas Airlangga, Tuesday, September 12.

The alumnus of master program of Swiss German University shared his knowledge and experience to 60 students.

“If you have a good idea, share to friends. By sharing, you’ll know that your idea is really good or only you think it is good. Then, you can develop the idea. Don’t be afraid of copycats,” he stated.

In the workshop, Dino asked the participants to make groups and discuss their business ideas and Dino gave his inputs so their ideas can be developed.

According to Dino, digital economy has great potential to develop for example on creating application simplifying the life of people.

“Creating something traditionally needs skills, for example in agriculture, farming skills are needed. If we don’t have the background, how can we develop it,” he added.

He thought that there is no original ideas. An idea is created from the old ideas. Dino said to the students not to be afraid developing ideas from the existing ones and make them relevant to time.

“Don’t be afraid to create something from used ideas, make them better and more relevant to use,” he stated.

At the moment, there are many students who want to start their own business rater than have a career in companies. It is a good opportunity to create more jobs.

However, it is a challenge for companies as well. “If everyone wants to start business, who will be the employees? The current challenge of companies nowadays is facilitating aspirations of this people with entrepreneurial skills,” he explained.

Beside Dino, the workshop held in Airlangga Convention Center also invited Pieter Andrian VP-HR of EMTEK Group. (*)

Author: Binti Q. Masruroh
Editor: Defrina Sukma S