The Importance of Reinforcing Diversity

UNAIR NEWS – “Pancasila and NKRI are the best choice for this country,  they shouldn’t be opposed,” the statement from National figure Muhamin Iskandar as a guest lecturer entitled “Strengthening the Politics of Diversity”.

The event attended by academics and politicians was held in Soetandyo Hall, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences UNAIR, Wednesday, September 9. In presence of  participants of the public lecture, Chairman of DPP PKB known better as Cak Imin said that recently the distrust in NKRI began to emerge. For him, there is no options but disseminating character education to all elements of the nation.

“Especially to the influential figures must do it so that the diversity of the nation can be maintained,” he explained.

The former Minister of Labor and Transmigration also reminded of the importance of strengthening the politics of diversity. In addition, he also asked not to bring violence of other countries to Indonesia. For example, cases of violence against Muslims that occurred in Rohingya. For him, this case can be addressed wisely by the people of Indonesia.

“Violence against Rohingya Muslims, shouldn’t cause discord our nation,” he said.

Furthermore, Cak Imin also expressed the important role of diversity for the life of nation and state. For Cak Imin, the diversity of the nation is the main defense to advance.

“Diversity is also a shield to religious fanaticism and transnational movement that often threatens the pillars of our nation,” he explained.

Not to forget, Cak Imin also explained that diversity is sunnatullah . The plurality God has given to the people of Indonesia should be the power of a great nation.

“Diversity is sunnatullah . Destroying diversity means against the sunnatullah. Against sunnatullah is a blasphemy, ” he stated to the participants of the guest lecture.

Author: Nuri Hermawan