Hijabbuket, Unique Work by Three Midwifery Students. (Photo: Sefya Hayu)
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UNAIR NEWS – Affection is often expressed by awarding a bouquet of fresh roses. But apparently, it is already too mainstream. In the hands of three students of Midwifery program, Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Airlangga, the scroll of veil cloth turned out to be created into a bouquet of flowers. The look was no less beautiful, funny, and guaranteed durable all the time.

The fragrance of roses is indeed unmatchable but, the flowers last a few days before withering and eventually useless. Amadea Zulfiah Azmi, Hilda Izzaty, and Novi Dwi Ambarsari created flower arrangements from scrolls of hijab cloth. The reason is simple, because they want to present a more useful and meaningful gift.

The idea of ​​creating this hijab cloth was accidental. At first these three were looking for a unique gift for their best friend to be graduated. Shortly thereafter the idea came out to create hijab cloth.

Learning from watching video tutorials, all three practiced the technique of rolling the veil of colorful cloth, to shape like a rose. Furthermore, the scroll of the hijab is arranged and wrapped with florist wrapping . They call these unique creations the term hijabbuket.

Unexpectedly, the presence of hijabbuket got a positive response. Not only from friends, their works are also quickly recognized by public.

“Friends were enthusiastic and encouraged us to develop the business hijabbuket,” said Novi.

All three then agreed to undergo business by opening reservations hijabbuket in 2016, with a joint venture capital of 300 thousand rupiah. Dea, Novi, and Hilda named their products as Eluria . The name is a combination of their three names respectively.

Marketing strategy is done by utilizing social media such as instagram (eluria.id), also by following the bazaar activity.

“The most effective promotional strategy is through friends, our products more quickly known, “said Sari.

In addition to shape jilbab fabric, Eluria products also assemble headscarf pasmina made from saudia and paris fabric. The price is also fairly inexpensive. The price per bouquet is based on the type of veil fabric as well as the number of them arranged in it. It ranges from Rp 35 thousand rupiah to Rp 90 thousand rupiah.

Now, their hijabbuket business is growing. They do not only serve customers from UNAIR, Eluria also receives order from out of town.

“Most orders usually when graduation is near. Furthermore, the buyer also presents hijabbuket as an alternative birthday present, mother’s commemoration, also other as gifts for proposal, “said Dea.

Beside hijab, these three girls also use sarong cloth. It is an alternative gift for the men. Besides packaged in florist wrap, hijabbuket is also packed into a mini basket. It certainly looks more adorable.

New experience

Business world was a new world for Dea, Novi, and Hilda. The three prospective midwives never even thought it would be a business together.

“We did not think that each has an entrepreneurial spirit. The more we dive into it, it turns out more exciting to learn, “said Dea.

Doing business gives them plenty of experience, including when they are serving customers. For them, serving a variety of characters is the same as practicing patience. Whatever the request, the important request must be met. Instead of the buyers, many new inspirations born to further refine the works.

They also agreed to remain consistent and dare to take risks. Doing business in the middle of their busy schedule as students, certainly not an easy thing. They often had to work along with them completing the final tasks.

“We have ever worked on the order until midnight on campus. We do it often in the library, until the librarian ask us to leave because the library is closed, “recalled Dea followed by Novi and Hilda’s laughter.

Dea had different experience as she had to finish the order by herself. “I cried while doing it, because Novi or Hilda usually did it. But because they were busy, I had to handle it by myself. It must be delivered that day, “recalled Dea.

From the incident, they agreed not to rely on each other. In business it must be professional, as well as them. Each of them must master the technique of stringing and packing.

Dea, Novi, and Hilda feel the business they are living today is not solely for personal gain. From this business they build dreams.

“From the profit, we save some. Because we dreamed later to study abroad, “he said.

Novi, Dea, and Hilda are optimistic, their business will grow well, considering their newly created hijabbuket is the only one in Surabaya.

“We are optimistic, because fortune has been set. We just need to innovate and strengthen the characteristic of Eluria , “said Novi. (*)

Author: Sefya Hayu

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh


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