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The original title of this article is “The College Study of Senior High School Students”. The term senior high school student mean plural, while the meaning in this article is the “fate” of the student who was forced to go to college in their parents’ chosen department. To be more precise on the subject then the editor made necessary adjustment .

Many people do not realize that not all parents understand his children. They are more able to observe the success of others. Then make their wish and “addressed” them to his sons and daughters. Their dictatorship started for the children.

It is sad to know that a child is forced to follow the path of obsessions “carved” by both parents. They do not follow, tut wuri handayani where the actual feelings and mind of their children.

The parents’ dictatorship in determining their children’s life can not be seen only from how they dress their children when they are going to go out of the house. It turns out that such thing can also be seen from how parents offer their choices to their children. For example, an offer like this: ” Your mom and dad want you to study in this department” or “What would you be?” These two sentences not only take down the wishes of the children, but also their spirits.

The admission period to public universities is now over. Yet today it is time for high school students to “fight” against the wishes of parents in choosing the desired department (earlier).

Although basically SMPTN and SBMPTN employs priority system, honesty in choosing the college majors, but apparently there’s still fear of them not passing due to being forced by their parents. So, the graduates of high school students who rely solely on that guise, merely treated the college affairs like “gambling”, speculative, or luck.

Similar conditions have happened to someone the author recognized. When the hope was great to study in major she chose, the parents meddle and suddenly her dream slowly began to crumble.

Not a few parents in the village expect their children to be a doctor, or at least a teacher. It is understandable as the parents in the village are still confined in the charm of the “visible career” mindset, hesitant to look into a broader horizon of career. The impact, the high school graduates have doubts between his wishes and his obedience to the command of his parents.

The author remembers a 13-year-old boy named Logan La Plante. Logan is one of a handful of students who choose to have their own version of education, such as learning history through drama.

Logan then chose to study according to his interests and talents. He did not follow the education system that others apply. In the course of his studies, Logan has his own educational model, and he called it “Hackschooling” . Logan admitted that his parents’ support for what he believes to be the determining factor for his success.

In a TEDx session, Logan says, ”I didn’t use to write because my teacher wanted me to write about butterfly and rainbow, but I wanted to write about skiing.” In other words, he wanted to say that if someone has the motivation to do what he likes, then he can achieve success without being dictated by others.

From the story of Logan, of course such things reflect the opposite conditions of high school students in Indonesia, especially in the village area. Students actually have their own choice in education, although the contribution of parents as supporters play an important role.

From those elaboration, we need to remind the high school graduates who are currently heading for that dillematic period that college majors are still in their hands. Be honest with yourself, so you will not feel sorry when are in college with  a major that either “your choice” or “other choice”. (*)

Editor: Bambang Bes

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