Piyu: Music is my Savior

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Satriyo Yudi Wahono, well-known as Piyu, while discussing with Vice Rector 1 UNAIR Prof. Djoko Santoso, dr., Sp.PD., K-GH., Ph.D. (Photo by: Helmy Rafsanjani)


Satriyo Yudi Wahono, known as Piyu, began his career in 1997 and until now he follows his passion in music. A man who was known well as the founder of a group band called “Padi”, keeps making music.

In the beginning of 1997, with the band members of “Padi”, he succeeded in drawing thousands music enthusiast into their music by releasing an album titled “Lain Dunia”. “Mahadewi” and “Begitu Indah” were some of the great songs from the album.

Four years later, in 2001, they released the second album titled “Sesuatu yang Indah”. Piyu, the writer of the most songs, is always successful in making the heart of music enthusiasts melt through songs such as Kasih Tak sampai and Semua Tak Sama.

The following three albums, Save my Soul (2003), Padi (2005) and Tak Hanya Diam (2007) also achieved national fame in music industry. In 2011, the song compilation album was the last album of their journey.

The disbanded band did not mean Piyu’s music career also stopped. After Padi disbanded, he could prove that music is his life.

“For me, playing music is a tool or bridge to live my life. Why I chose music? I have no idea. I just wanted to try. I had to keep trying whether I would be successful or even failed,” said the 44-year-old musician.

Piyu who was a management student of Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Airlangga in 1990, prove himself that he could live the life. His principle is to keep working in music.

“So, I have to be consistent. At least, I should produce my work every year, book or a movie,” said the author of biography “Life, Passion, Dreams and his legacy”.

In 2014, Piyu was responsible as the music arranger of a movie “Aku Cinta Kamu,”. In 2016, he launched his own album called Best Cuts of Piyu.

In his latest work, Piyu recycled his own song to be sung by new singers. In October 2016, Piyu achieved Triple Platinum Reward after the album Best Cuts of Piyu sold over 150.000 record copies.

“In this 2017, I have a plan. Last 1st august, I released song with Alex X-Factor. Next month, I have a movie project in SCTV. Insha allah , I will produce movie called Sesuatu yang Indah. That’s my next work,” Piyu said.

Music is my Savior

He realized that music was his passion since he was in elementary school. He and his friend played music and sing along together. When he was in junior high school, Piyu attempted playing guitar and formed a band.

Since he was able to play music, he tried to write songs. He wrote the poetic lyrics and composed with right note. His personal experience and imagination was the hos power in writing song which still being loved.

Payu went to Universitas Airlangga in 1990, and graduated in 1996. But, before he graduated, he had ever stayed in Jakarta and worked as technician in a machine shop.

“But, I’ve got nothing. So, I went back and finished my study. I finished my thesis and graduated,” he stated.

During his college, He joined as committee in music events. In his leisure time, he spent time with his friends.

He has been “out” from his path of music, then he returned to pursue his hobby. He formed a band called “Padi” and created his best masterpiece. Consistent at work and work with passion is his main key. He always thinks about how to make unforgettable songs.

“I am really serious in music because it’s my passion. And it works. It could fix my life. I don’t want to only make popular songs,” Piyu said.

From music, he could form a band, then works as a producer of new singers in music industry, as a solo singer, and makes the background music for a movie or TV shows and even writes books and everything is about music.

He has been through the ups and downs, but music saved his life.

“Music gives me a living, music gives me fortune. When I tried to leave it, it felt like the universe seemed to refuse. Lot of failures. At the same time, music saved me. I rose and reborn,” said the author of Sesuatu yang indah.

Though music gives him good and bad in his life, he still wants to keep working with it. The father of three has a plan to build a museum which shows his career journey. Not only that, the Surabaya-born guitarist would like to facilitate those who have passion in music.

To the next generations especially UNAIR students, Piyu advised them to have big dreams. To make it true, they needed to make short-term targets.

“Actually, we don’t know what our future will be, but we have lines to determine our future. So, if we are here now, we know where we are in the future. The point is, we should know what we will be five years later,” Piyu said.

Author : Defrina Sukma S

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