Panji with his father (Photo: Private collection)
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UNAIR NEWS – The photography influence from his father seemed to have affected Achmad Panji Kurniawan. The man born in Boyolali has started photography since he was still in high school.

Everyday, Panji goes to lectures at the Department of History, Faculty of Humanities, Universitas Airlangga. At first, he just do it merely for hobby but then he earned a lot of money from it.

The man who is now the Principal of a Kindergarten in Kuripan, Jumeneng, Mojoanyar, Mojokerto admitted that the turnover he gets from the business of becoming a photographer reaches three to ten million every month.

“When I was in college, I started a reading club next to the Qur’an Educational Park in my village. Finally it was developed. And alhamdulillah I got help from local government and got attention. In short, people donated and there are books, playgrounds, table-chairs, and carpets. NPSN school registered and the status is recognized, “said Panji told UNAIR News .

In the beginning, the kindergarten became the responsibility of Panji’s parents. But when his mother dies, the responsibility is carried Panji until now.

Panji said, being a photographer is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand. Many challenges must be passed by men who have been members of the Language Debate Society FIB. Client complaints can not be avoided, especially if dealing with clients who have different vision with him.

“There have been complaints, prewed photos. I usually work on it in three to four weeks if there are lots of customers. Last time there was a customer forced me to work in Eid al Fitr holiday. I told them it was already closed, but they forced me, I finally said yes. And he ordered cheap package, but ask for a deluxe result, “Panji explained.

Asked about his ups and downs of being a photographer, the man who had been an outstanding student of History admitted, being a photographer was similar with being a trader. It is tiring especially when there are problems with the equipments.

What he loves most about being a photographer is he gets to know a lot of people and is able to join a community of photographers, such as Boyolali Photography Community (BFC), Republic of Lens , and Nusantara Bird Photography .

“The most uncomfortable is when a customer asked for a price that does not make sense. There is even slander and unhealthy competition with other photographers, ” said the student who will undergo graduation later this year.

Photo packages

For his business, Panji has provided several packages that can be selected by the prospective client . Among them there is the Property package, Make Up Artist (MUA), Wardrobe, and Wedding. In conducting the business, Panji opened the price of photo services ranging from three hundred thousand to twelve million rupiah.

The Wedding package is the most expensive, which is about twelve million.

“The Wedding package includes professional and imaginary edits , plus videography , MUA, and wardrobe. There is also tent, magazine albums, plus premium album. It includes 20RS prints with frame for display in the weeding, “said Panji.

Panji said, as a photographer he has served various kinds of clients from single, pre-wedding, school album, to company profile.

“There was also cooperation with a small private company to create a company profile. Such as PT. Depo Jaya Bangunan and PT Rollas Mandiri. Family photo of the businessman in Ngoro Industri area. Most of them are TNI and POLRI families in the dormitories where I live, “he said.

Students who had been the head of communication and information division of Badminton club UNAIR also said about his experience to face various kinds of clients. In fact, Panji has ever rejected some prospective clients because they are too demanding.

The man who also has cooking as a hobby still has a dream that has not been achieved until now. He admitted to want to open a café and photo studio in one location. He has wished for it for long time.

“I want to open a cafe and photo studio. I’m also a culinary hobbyist. So I want the room downstairs to be the café, and an upstairs for the studio, ” Panji said at the end of the interview. (*)

Author: Ainul Fitriyah

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh

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